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Official Cars Controversy: Dankwambo’s deputy replies Gombe assets recovery c’ttee

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Segun Adewale

The immediate past Deputy Governor of Gombe State, Mr. Charles Iliya has denied the allegation by the Gombe State Asset Recovery Committee that he voluntarily surrendered his cars.

Our correspondent  reports that the committee which is chaired by retired Group Capt. Peter Bilal, had on June 21, said the former deputy governor voluntarily surrendered his cars to them.

However, Iliya told newsmen in Gombe yesterday  that the claim by the committee that he voluntarily surrendered his cars was not true.

According to him, “ A few weeks ago, I received a letter from the committee set up by the state government to recover all properties of government illegally disposed of.

He explained that “ Just a day in between, I received some visitors comprising almost entirely policemen, standing along the street in front of my house while some came into my premises.

“Four of the policemen led by one senior police officer whose name I cannot recollect now, came into my parlour and all were carrying guns. They said they came to recover properties in my possession.

The former Deputy Governor  said that “ I was shown a search warrant and that convinced me that truly they are members of the committee and I explained to them how I got the cars,adding that“ I gave them the letter of allocation and the receipt of payment because they (cars) weren’t given freely; I bought them.

“ After showing them the proof they insisted on collecting the cars. The word voluntary that followed after is what I don’t understand.

“ The word voluntary would have meant after receiving their letter, I would have either taken the vehicles to them or told them please come and collect your vehicles.

“ But in a situation whereby there are people outside my house with guns, inside my premises with guns and in my parlour with guns and insisted they want the cars?

“ I leave the subject matter to the public to interpret whether that was a voluntary action,” he said.

He said three cars were ‘forcefully’ taken from him which he listed as one Lexus jeep and two Prado jeeps that were his official cars while in office.

The ex deputy governor said he was waiting for the committee to return his cars or money, adding that if it fails to do so, he would seek redress.

He stressed that he felt bad that after serving the state, he was isolated out of many for such treatment.

He added: “ Since I am the only odd one given this kind of treatment, I feel some injustice has been done to me.”

Our Correspondent also  reports that Gov. Inuwa Yahaya set up the committee following his inauguration to recover alleged government property improperly disposed of by the immediate past administration of Dankwambo. 

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