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Christian Aid unveils strategy to eradicate poverty in Nigeria

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Godsgift Onyedinefu

An international charity organisation, Christian Aid on Thursday launched a new seven-year strategic plan aimed at empowering impoverished Nigerians and eradicating poverty.

The plan titled ‘Standing Together,’ covers 2019 to 2026 will guide the implementation of Christian Aid’s programmes in Nigeria and is expected to significantly contribute to Nigeria’s strides in meeting the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Nigeria’s social and economic development goals as articulated in the Nigeria’s 2017 – 2020 Economic Recovery and Growth Plan.

Unveiling the country strategy document in Abuja, the Chief Executive Officer of Christian Aid, Amanda Khozi Mukwashi, described Nigeria as an extremely important country in Africa. With the potential to lead the growth and development of the continent.

She expressed her delight to be in Nigeria to launch the country, noting that Christian Aid will not seat comfortably looking at the number of people living in poverty. And failed to act: “we will work with stakeholders to identify the root cause poverty and fight poverty together.

“Poverty is political and to tackle it, there needs to be essential shifts in power imbalances that acts enablers to injustice and tye deeeninlevwls if poverty being experienced in Nigeria”, she said.

“Poverty is not an accident,” Mukwashi added, while tasking the civil society to speak truth to the powers that be and the need for everyone to work together to tackle economic systems that are putting people in poverty.

“For us at Christian Aid we are tackling those issues at power and structure level.” She added, while expressing the commitment of her organisation to the faithful implement the strategy according to plans and schedules.

The Country Director, Christian Aid in Nigeria, Charles Usie, said for 15 years, the organisation has worked “to empower the poorest and most vulnerable groups in selected locations to take ownership of their development through critical programme areas.

“The development of this 7-year strategy which began in 2017 has been both an arduous and exciting journey as we step into a new phase of programme delivery with the sustained and reinvigorated purpose of an end to poverty in Nigeria,” the country director, said.

The country Director, Centre LSD, Otive Ibuzor described poverty as a huge problem in Africa which is multidimensional and requires multi-pronged approach to solve. He regretted that desires the huge amount of resources available, a significant population lives in poverty.

“The resources in the World today if used judiciously can eradicate poverty, but we have poverty because the wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few people. poverty can be eradicated but it requires action from the three arms of government, Executive, legislature and judiciary, as well as the private sector and civil society”, he said.

The county Director, PLAN international, Husseini Abdul on his part pledged to work with Christian Aid to mobilize and empire the poor and marginalised,and to change the system that promotes and perpetrate poverty inequality and injustice.

Christian Aid began work in Nigeria in 2003, working with all groups of people regardless of religion or social status. It works in the areas of Community Health and HIV, Humanitarian, Accountable governance and gender, incorporating governance and social inclusion into all its work.

This new strategy articulates the organisation’s commitment to the growth and development of Nigeria and the significant impact it has made in the lives of individuals and communities through our health, humanitarian and governance work is evidence of this commitment.

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