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UNICEF Empowers 150 Nigerian Girls, calls for Sustainable Girl-Child Educational System

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Nosa Enobhayisiobo

As part of its activities set aside by the United Nations (UN) to promote the rights of girls and address unique challenges they face, the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has call on the government and relevant stakeholders to ensure the sustainability of the girl-child education system.

The UNICEF Nigeria Chief of education Dr Euphrates Efosi, made this call on Friday in a statement on the commemoration of the 2019 International Day of the Girl-Child held in Abuja.

She noted the momentousness in training a girl-child, adding that they participate actively in nation building. 

According to her, “the Importance of the girl child education cannot be overemphasied, however it is worthy to note that the girl-child is the bedrock of national building.”

She therefore called on the government to ensure that everything are put in place to stimulate the girl-child educational system.

“We are calling on stakeholders, partners and the government to establish a developed girl-child educational system,” she said.

Also Efosi stressed on the need to set up a structure to bombard practices that tend to defer the quest for a continuous education.

She stated that, “there is need to facilitate measures to address all forms of social cultural practices that interrupt 12 years of schooling for the girl child.”

She further disclosed that over 150 girls have been empowered with school bags and other packages to enroll and keep them in school.

Meanwhile, the director general of National Centre for Women Development, Mrs. Mary Ekpere-Eta, informed that the aim of the centre is to girls’ human rights, highlights gender inequalities that remain between girls and boys and addresses the various forms of discrimination and abuse suffered by girls around the world.

While addressing the press on the duties of NCWD in the development of the Girl-Child education, She mentioned that, “the activities of the 2019 theme are targeted at building self-consciousness in the girls, empowering girls with knowledge, exposure and skills to create a movement of girls who are a force to reckon with and determined to make change in their lives.”

Adding that, “it will also resonates the efforts the centre is making to empower and strengthen the girl child agenda towards gender equality and sustainable national development.” 

In addition, she commended the efforts of individuals and non governmental organisations (NGOs) who relentlessly fight for the development of the Girl-Child.

Ekpere-Eta, said, “in today’s world girls are pushing barriers and challenges that hitherto hindered their progress in life. I have seen girls breaking barriers that go beyond the capabilities of any person, fighting for inclusion in development from all fronts of life through girls movements; such as the Girlsforce and Girl4Girls in Nigeria to raise their voices to stop child marriage, promote self-esteem, girls education and for them to remain in school, learning life skills and standing for their rights to achieve their life dreams.”

“However, investing in education of girls and ensuring they remain in school is still the best option, as it will enable the girls to reach their dreams and better their livelihood. In these rapidly changing world, girls who miss out of foundational education and life skills will be more vulnerable in the future; this will worsen inequality and re-echo poverty for generations to come,” she explained.

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