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DSS expresses readiness to release Sowore, denies opening fire on protesters

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Godsgift Onyedinefu

The Department of State Services (DSS) says its operatives did not open fire on protesters who had stormed its facility on 12th November, 2019.

The DSS in a statement by its spokesperson, Peter Afunnya on Wednesday aaid it will not be intimidated or harassed into hasty actions, saying its operatives did not shoot even when they could have.

The DSS explained that its operatives only stood in defence of their facility when some group of persons “made unruly attempts to forcefully break into the place and effect the release of Omoloye Sowore.”

“Despite serial and unwarranted provocations, the Service, as a professional and responsible Organisation, did not shoot at the so called protesters.  It could not have done so”, the statement read.

The service further expressed disappointment at Femi Falana, saying he wrongly guided his client (Sowore) and supporters. 

The DSS alleged that Sowore is rather playing to the gallery and mobilizing miscreants to subvert the Service and other state authorities.

“He has excellent relationship with the DGSS.  But in the circumstance, he has refused to reach out to him over the case like he had on previously related ones.

The Service however pledged its readiness to release SOWORE once the processes are concluded.  It maintained that the appropriate persons have still not turned up to take delivery of SOWORE. 

“While all those that have so far shown up are not directly concerned with the matter and therefore unqualified, many others have either chosen to grandstand or politicise it to achieve hidden interests”, the statement read.

The service noted that in last few days, it has continued to witness deliberate campaigns of calumny, threats and aspersions against it and warned that it will not, for any reason, join issues with its mudslingers.

The DSS also challenged the media to be neutral and remain champions of the truth. 

It reassured the public that it will not waste a second to release Sowore if the proper processes are followed.

The Service also restates its commitment to the rule of law and particularly respect to the Court.

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