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NGOs demand Justice for slain PDP women leader

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Maureen Okpe

Five Non Governmental Organizations has called on the federal government and appropriate authorities to ensure justice for Mrs. Salome Abuh, Women leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), who was burnt to death by hoodlums in Kogi after the gubernatorial elections.

The NGOs comprising of, Nigeria Women Trust Fund (NWTF), Center for Democracy and Development(CDD), Women In Politics Forum(WIPF), Equity Advocate and Women Radio, demanded that the perpetrators of the heinous crime be brought to book.

This call was made in a joint press conference in on Thursday in Abuja.

The chief executive officer of Nigerian Women Trust Fund Mrs Mufuliat Fijabi, described the incident as unfortunate and a calculated attempt to intimidate and silence women in politics.

According to her Nigeria rank low on the chart of gender inclusiveness and with the uprising of violence,the lives of citizen are being threatened.She therefore calls on the police to take appropriate measures in curbing this menace.

“As citizen we are supposed to be protected under the law and not attacked, having women being attacked after election is not acceptable.

“We are calling on Inspector General of Police to look critically at these issues of attack on women as our democracy is being threatened, and bring to book the persons behind this horrible act.”

Speaking,Mr Austin Aigbe,Center for Democracy and Development, described the event as a premeditated act,as election took place on Saturday but the persons had set ablaze her house on Monday while surrounding the place to avoid her escaping the inferno.

He stated that “if action is not taken they are gradually creating a scenario of a state that we can no longer call Nigeria, for Mrs Salome is like us.”

The Chief Executive Officer of Women Radio, Mrs. Toun Okewale Sonaiya reiterated the call for accountability of government and that what has happened is not about the party but the burning down of a Nigerian citizen,a woman, Mrs Salome.

She said that there is a need for continues discussion to resonate loud these unfortunate acts as somebody must be brought to Justice or appropriate authorities should resign honourably.

Sonaiya stated that “we cannot continue to intimidate women,we are part of the society, the relevant authorities should bring to book those who killed her. Who burnt Salome? She reiterated.

On her part, Mrs. Ene Ede founder of Equity Advocate said, “women are not doing well not because they are not competent but because there are religated.”

According to her Nigeria is a country with democratic and leadership deficit at all level because the system resist women but “we will deal with thes calamities in dignity as women follow protocol not as an act of cowardice but because we are lawful people and we are powerful.”

In a very emotional aggrieved but calm outburst the president of the Women In Politics Forum, Mrs. Ebere Ifendu had lamented “how long are we going to suffer this,I am totally devastated,” she said amidst tears.

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