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Security: NGO donates materials to indigent women in FCT community

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Maureen Okpe

A Non Governmental Organisation, Women for Peace and Unity Growth Initiative (WPUGI) has donated some items to the indigent women of Daki Biyu, Jabi in Abuja aimed at improving the overall security of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

The organisation whose purpose is to support women in the rural areas through economic empowerment projects donated sewing machines, grinding machines,coolers and some food items for petty trading.

The founder, Mrs. Yemisi George, said the foundation is committed to empowering women economically to help foster peace and tackle the security challenges in the country as empowering a woman is empowering the entire household and community.

George said: “As a security expert, over the years we have come to conclusion that poverty, violence and insecurity are interwoven.

“Violence will always be linked to poverty as poverty is the root to the problems we have today, it is not wise to neglect the poor amongst us because it is like sitting on a time bomb waiting to explode.

She stated that there is a need to go back to the drawing board,as it is necessary in order to re-strategise,adding that women need to be included in the plan to enable more positive outcome.

She said “for me peace cannot be seperated from women, women and peace work hand in hand If we are talking about security, poverty then this is where we should start from which will in time spread to communities.

Earlier, George stated the need to inculcate the right morals in children emphasising the education of the boy child as rape has continue to be in the increase, that if this is not done it will come back to haunt them the parents especially the mothers.

She went further to state that it is time to change the narrative as culture and religion has put women at a disadvantage,but that narrative has to chang as some women are already breaking barriers and engaging more than they use to.

“Women suffer the most in our society because we are seen as the weaker vessels but that has changed we are strong and we go through much more difficult situations that we know men cannot go through,”she said.

Mallam Ishaku Lamishi, the chief of the community expressed joy and gratitude for the support to the women of his community stating that “they are full of joy and they have nothing to say but to say thank you to this wonderful and kind gesture.”

One of the recipient Mrs Aisha Mohammed said their joy know no bounds today as they are happy and grateful for the kind gesture of the initiative and promise to put to good use the items received to ensure continuity and a better life for themselves and the community at large.

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