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‘Chad troops have not pulled out from MNJTF’

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Contratrary to reports of Chadian Troops withdrawing from fighting Boko Haram terrorist sect in Nigeria, military sources have disclosed that Chad has not pulled out of Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF)

A top commander at the (MNJTF) said the Chadian troops cannot pull out unilaterally because of the agreement and it is in their own individual and collective interest to see the Boko Haram crisis end, which has resulted to inflation and consequent increase in orivea of goods and services

He said, “No they have not pulled out of MNJTF what is happening is that the content permit one country to enter into pursuit because the threat was much in that part of Nigeria which they cannot access by land,there was an understanding that they will be operating with Nigeria and since they came sometime in March they had not gone back.

“The concept is that every nation works between it’s boundary but if there’s an operation they overlap or enter one country in operation which is permissible if the other country agrees.

“Chad’s general Chief of Staff, Gen.Tahiru Eder Said that if countries in the region which have contributed to multinational force were in agreement more troops will be sent in. What this means is that, for other countries troop to enter you have to consent,so if they are in agreement more troops will be sent in he has even mentioned it to me one on one.

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