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In Direct Affront to Trump, Mayor Renames White House Street ‘Black Lives Matter Plaza’

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Jude Johnson

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser has  renamed a street in front of the White House “Black Lives Matter Plaza”.

He also had the slogan painted in huge yellow letters on the roadway. 

Reuters reports that the Mayor tweeted footage of the street painting on a section of the 16th Street in the U.S. capital with a message to Breonna Taylor, a black woman killed by Louisville Kentucky police,  who has inspired nationwide protests along with African American George Floyd.

“Breonna Taylor, on your birthday, let us stand with determination.,” Bowser wrote. “Determination to make America the land it ought to be.”

Bowser and Trump have clashed  over the president’s use of federal law enforcement agencies and military police to break up a protest on Monday night so he could have a photo op outside a church near the White House.

At a Thursday news conference, Bowser said: “We want troops from out-of-state, out of Washington, D.C.”

On Friday, the city also installed a street sign for Black Lives Matter Plaza at the intersection of H and 16th Streets, where the St. John’s Episcopal Church that Trump visited is situated.

Using rollers and buckets of yellow paint, with brushes to finesse the edges of the letters, a group of people – men and women, of different races and ages, some wearing roller blades, some work boots – painted the street. Many were sweating under the warm Washington sun.

Credits| Reuters

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