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Survivor’s Diary: COVID-19 Lockdowns and Restrictions-Buhari, Help Nigerians

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Azuka Jebose’s journey to recovery from Coronavirus

Nigeria should ease the covid 19 restrictions. Lift the lockdown across the nation. Intensify engagement with communities. Provide economic reliefs to families through bank accounts or local governments, population control centers.

Every family should receive at least N50,000 monthly for the next three months to help with hard times and recalibrate the economy. Nigeria can do this. Let us think outside the box to help our citizens. We cannot continue to be indifferent to our vulnerable society. You can’t lock them down for months, restrict movements that affect daily lives and health without assistance.

Restructure the economy. The Buhari administration should initiate an aggressive program to help every citizen in these pandemic surge times. We cannot continue to tell our citizens to social distance, wear a mask, stay at home, sanitize your hands without helping them alleviate the unexpected financial hardships of living under covid 19.

Do the right thing, BUHARI. Federal aids shouldn’t be a bad idea to help Nigerians. Let every Nigerian, for once, be a recipient of our common wealth. It can be done. It should be done.

Stay With Me!!

Azuka Jebose

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