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COVID-19 Local Herbal Treatment: My August Birthday Gift to the World

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Various authors have reported the antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antiplasmodial, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant, among other properties of the plants listed below. The phytochemical analysis on each plant has also been reported by various authors. Further analysis is needed on the crude aqueous extract and column fractions for isolation, identification and characterisation of the bioactive constituents using NMR, FITR, and GCMS. The local herb is open to animal testing using Wistar rats, said Mr. Adeniyi Boluwaji Mathew

Sir, your birthday is 9th of August,are you grateful to God for seeing you through all the years of your existence?

Yes sir, I am very grateful to most Highest God for His love, mercy, goodness and blessing upon me.

This year has been a wonderful year, what has been your experience and the perceived impact of covid-19 to the world?

Since over 40 years of my existence on earth, it is only in recorded history that I read of plagues having the same devastating magnitude as like the present covid-19 ravaging the globe. The impact of Covid-19 has been so devastating on the poor masses, the developing countries, the world powers and the aged people. The world economy has suffered enormously. The death per capital rate is increasing while the death ratio per 100 people is also increasing from country to country. But I thank God for His mercy. There have been some gains. More than 11 million people globally have recovered from the covid-19 cases. I commend both orthodox and traditional medicine practitioners for their efforts. I also commend government of nations for their efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Did you get positive or negative feedback from people on the herbal procedure you highlighted in April 25 this year for the treatment of Covid-19?

Well, there were responses from people both home and abroad. Some people shared testimonies on the efficacy of the herbs. Some said it cures other ailments. Some people were not happy that I released such formula freely without any monetary attachment. In all, I thank God for His guidance.

Do you have other formula which can serve as a birthday gift for Nigerians and the world at large?

Hmmm, just like I unveiled in the article published in various online media on the 25th April, 2020, I will release another formula as a birthday gift to my fellow Nigerians and the world freely without any financial gain attached to this. It is solely for the treatment and prevention of this deadly covid-19 which is hell-bent on reducing the world population. I am not happy that over 159,000 Americans have died according data obtained online from John Hopkins University as at 7th August, 2020 or that over 900 deaths from C-19 have been reported by NCDC in Nigeria(my country of origin, it’s a pity). I think it is high time we use what is within our reach to treat ourselves.

Is your interest in plants connected to your present study on natural products chemistry or inheritance from parents?

Well, I strongly believe that plants’ leaves, stem, roots have various culinary and medicinal benefits. It should be noted that before the advent of pharmacological medicines in Nigeria, people used herbal preparation for treating diseases and keeping themselves healthy. I have heard cases of people testing negative twice and later tested positive. This, no doubt, may be attributed to flaws in the testing system. There is a saying that prevention is better than cure. The World Health Organization (WHO), according to Kumara (2001) had reported that an approximately 80% of world population relies on herbal preparations as their primary source of healthcare. Millions of Africans rely on herbal preparations for their primary health care as also reported by McCaleb, (2000). Plants have provided the basis for traditional treatment for different types of diseases and still offer an enormous potential source of new chemotherapeutic agents. According to WHO (1978), traditional medicine refers to the sum total of knowledge or practices whether
explicable or inexplicable used in diagnosing, preventing or eliminating a physical, mental or social disease, which may rely exclusively on past experience or observation handed down from generation to generation, verbally or in writing. It comprises therapeutic practices in existence for hundreds of years before the development of modern scientific medicine and is still in use today without much documented evidence of adverse effects according to Okigbo and Mmeka, (2006).

What is your advice to the world as you mark your birthday today?

As we are observing strictly the WHO’s Covid-19 protocols, I advice people irrespective of class to take this prescribed natural herbs for the prevention and treatment of covid-19. Plague doesn’t differentiate between rich or poor people. It doesn’t differentiate between a Director of company and his staff. Plague has nothing good to offer than deaths and death has no sympathy for amount of money starched in bank account. If we continue to wait till vaccines will be rea have hearddy from the world powers, we might have to wait till only God knows when. Also, as churches, mosques, schools and other businesses are preparing to open, I encourage Nigerians irrespective of social, academic, political and financial status to take this herb for the treatment and prevention of the deadly covid-19.

Sir, are you open to collaboration especially in term of full scale drug production?

I am very open to collaboration and sponsorship. I hope someday, I will get there.

Can you please give details of the recipe for the treatment and prevention of coronavirus?

Yes, the recipe which I called formula are:


  1. Azadiractha indica( leaves, bark and root) called dongoyaro
  2. Leaves, bark and root of Morina lucida( called Oruwo in Yoruba
  3. Bark of Nauclea latifolia (called Egbesi in Yoruba, Ubulu Inu in Ibo and Tabasiya in Hausa. It is called Pin Cushion Tree in English.
  4. Bark of Enantia chlorantha (called Awopa in Yoruba)
  5. Bark of Khayal senegalensis (called oganwo in Yoruba)
  6. 2 ripe Bitter orange (called osan ijagonyin in Youruba).
  7. Four pieces of Pentachlethra macrophylla( called Aidan in Yoruba)
  8. Leaves of Carica papaya (ibepe in Yoruba)


  • cut the roots and bark into pieces,
  • cut the two bitter orange fruits into pieces
  • cut the Aidan into pieces
  • arrange them in clean pot,
  • add five litres of fermented maize water(omidun).
  • bring to boil for 40 minutes till the brown colour of the herbs is observed.


  • a glass cup for adult
  • 35 ml for teens,
  • 15 ml for kids every morning when warm and after breakfast till symptoms are completely gone.

Can you please give your email address and phone number for people to contact you?

There is no problem with that sir. My email remains: But I will reserve my phone number for personal reasons. There are so many fraudulent people everywhere now.

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