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Gwagwalada Covid-19 palliative warehouse discovered

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Maureen Okpe

At about 8:30- 9:00 Monday morning, Gwagwalada area council in Abuja, FCT was agog with residents running out from different angles to go scamper for Covid-19 palliatives stored in a warehouse behind the Atlas International Hotel located along phase 1 road.

Amongst the items people made away with include bags of rice, semovita, spaghetti, indomie, sugar, salt, cartons of seasoning cubes, bags of fertilizer, cable wires, grinding machines amongst other times all boldy crested with the logo, Covid19.

A resident who refused to disclose his name to this reporter said, “I was at home when my friend called me to say I should come out that the warehouse has been discovered.

“I was asking which warehouse because I didn’t see this coming but he was not responding so I went out and joined the crowd running to the location. It’s our food and I came to take mine, ” he said.

Another resident who also didn’t mention his name said the warehouse is stocked to the full with palliatives, revealing that the place was built just during the lockdown period .

He said, “Police and Army are there but they are not harming anybody, it is how to get in that is the problem, but I must get mine.

Wilson Ogbeche Chairman of PDP quarters ward,which includes the environs of Hajj camp, phase 3 to passo bride in Gwagwalada disclosed that these were recently distributed palliatives and not palliatives from during the period of lockdown.

“These palliatives in the warehouse were brought not long ago, the palliatives gotten during the period of long down has since been distributed and this is another set gotten recently to be given out to the people.

However, another resident corroborate the PDP chairman’s story stating that the palliatives were recently brought to Gwagwalada but plans is still ongoing on how to distribute them when people discovered and broke in.

“I know when they started stocking this particular warehouse, it’s in August or September, it’s not the palliatives that was to be shared when the pandemic started in March. This one is different,” said one Abel, a drycleaner.

Inspite of the incident, residents in Gwagwalada area council has confessed that President Mohammed Buhari is not the problem in Nigeria but “those working under him”

They were of the opinion that the palliatives have been approved for onward distribution, yet those in charge refused to do so even when people are dying of hunger.

“It’s so painful and people are dying because of hunger yet those in charge are heartless to hide what belong to the masses.

“Three people have died inside the warehouse and this is not supposed to be, we are suffering in this country. Buhari is trying, he is not the problem but those under him are the problem,” the woman said.

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