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Confusion, Drama as Hunter Kills Migratory Bird from Finland in Nigeria

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  • Bird wrongly believed by locals in Nigeria’s Delta State as ‘espionage’ eagle

Jude Johnson

There was confusion in Ofagbe Community in Delta State, South-South Nigeria, on Sunday, November 22, 2020, when a hunter shot down an Eagle belived to be on a spy mission on the Nigerian space.

However, this was actually a migratory bird-a peregrine falcon-tagged and monitored by researchers in Finland, to ascertain the impact of environmental changes to these species.

According to the report by Blueprint, the hunter, simply identified as Jonhson , said he shot the bird while on an expedition Sunday afternoon.

On a close examination, it was discovered that that the bird had an unusually large ring strapped to one of the legs which was transmitting signals.

The inscription on the ring shows that the bird originated from Helsinki, Finland. A contact number on the ring led the natives that gathered to satisfy their curiosity to put a call across and a voice on the other end pleaded that the bird should be preserved in a mortuary with a reward of N1million on the card.

The person that offered the reward promised to come for the carcass the following day.

It was not known whether someone had come for the dead bird at press time Tuesday evening.

Curious members of the public who fell over themselves to take photographs and film the strange bird , said that the bird must have been on an espionage mission when it met its waterloo.

This has however, generated mostly negative reactions from the informed members of the public when the story was posted by a Public Relations Officer of the Nigerian Navy, Judith Gums, via her platform Talk Judith.

One Sami Shola, was the first to corrected the erroneous impressions that it was either an espionage birth or possesses any witchcraft and magical powers. Shola expressed sadness at the fate that befell the bird, noting that “It is not espionage. That bird was tagged for research purposes. The hunter just killed an endangered species. It’s clear that Nigeria is a migratory route for the poor bird.”

In the same vein, David Allen lamented, saying “I am so sad”, while explaining that “these are migratory birds that have their movements monitored to know how they are adapting to climate change. Many of these birds have had to change their movements due to habitat loss in places they have been used to over years.I am so heartbroken by our ignorance that leads to destruction of precious wildlife.”

Also King-James Yiye said:” This is from Helsinki, Finland. They migrate to warm Africa during winter and the Helsinki Research Institute expects feedback on how far they can go.” This is” so sad”, Williams Gbadamosi said, adding that “predators kill hundreds of thousands of birds each year mostly at stopovers during their journey”.

While majority of the commentators expressed disappointment, one King George Momoh, saw the reactions as being hypocritical, saying: “Our hypocrisy is off the limit. We have heart for bird, and meanwhile we maltreat our fellow human being and our constitution as if they are foreign. Who has never killed a bird in his lifetime? May the bird soul (if any) rest well”.

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