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US: No, this is all shades of wrong!

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By Senator Iroegbu

My take…

There is dignity in losing a contest be it in sports or election. It’s also not always how long but how well. Look at the Georgian strong woman, Ms. Stacey Abraham, who pioneered the blue wave that is to reshape the US politics. The black woman lost elections but learnt from her experience to bounce back.

Vital Lessons.

President Jimmy Carter did one term yet well respected all over the world today. Same as late President Bush Snr did one term but respected across political divides. Former President Goodluck Jonathan accepted his defeat with grace even when he had all the reasons in the world to challenge it and earned a historic and iconic legacy for that.

From tbe religious perspective, Enoch did more in his shorter life than Methuselah who lived almost a thousand years. Our Lord Jesus lived 33 years and did most of his works within three years yet lives forever and impacted eternity.

Also, late Nigerian Head of State, Murtala Mohammed, did more in three years than some leaders may dream to do in 8 years. For hip-hop lovers, Pac and Biggie died at the age of 26 and 24 yet their works lives on.

So what is the essence of this my long epistle? I don’t support for one bit what President Trump and his supporters are doing in the US. Yes I did try to understand his grievances. Yes he is within his rights to use legitimate means to seek redress and I can defend his rights to do so. However, if I was one of his advisers I would have advised him to concencede on November 4, 2020, but state his reservations in such a concession speech (may be he was advised but didn’t listen). Even though his place is forever secured in history but he would have won more laurels if he had taken GEJ route but this is Trump…but not the one I like this time around. He could have done better.

Key point

The blame for this debacle is not on Trump alone. Democrats, Republicans, media, politicians, radical left and far rights are equally guilty for the long entrenched divisive politics. America did not arrive here by accident as this is a collective song of shame by all parties in this macabre dance. The insatiable appetite of the left and liberals for nihilism is being seen as an existential threat by the rights and far rights thereby pitting themselves in a do-or-die war.


The sad reality however, is that this may just be the beginning. Another truth is that if you are student of Biblical Prophecy you will understand that the right/conservatives (I don’t mean racists or white supremacists) are fighting a losing battle against the “abomination that causes desolation”. You see that profane prayer of “Amen” and “Awomen”? It is just to test the troubled waters before the hurricane and tsunami…The world is actually ripe for change from the way we know it…but gradually.

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