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Police Officer Sanctioned for ‘Insulting, Embarrassing ‘IGP’

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Godsgift Onyedinefu

An Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP II), serving at FCT Police Command, Abuja, Victor Eze, have been allegedly sanctioned over scandalous misconduct against the ‘Inspector-General of Police’ (IGP) Adamu Adamu.

Global Sentinel believes that Adamu’s tenure as IGP automatically ended on reaching his mandatory 35 years of service.

In a letter dated 8th February, 2021 and titled “QUERY FOR SERIOUS MISCONDUCT” and sighted by Global Sentinel, Eze was accused of posting an insulting and disrespectful comment on the person and office of the IGP during a WhatsApp chat with his coursemate.

Thr letter read. “You are expected to display and exhibit a high sense of patriotism, responsibility, discipline and respect for constituted authority as a young officer desirous of progressing career wise. Regrettably, the reverse is the case. You would vividly recall that on 2nd February 2021, in your “Regular Course I ASPS” WhatsApp Group Chat, you posted an insulting and disrespectful comment on the person and office of the Inspector-General of Police when you made cynical reference to the IGP by his first name thus, “if Adamu is decorating the next IGP, that he should not wear IGP rank, that the former IGP make that same mistake”.

“This was in a dialogue chat with your coursemate, AP. No. 229732 ASP Paul, Ekumawoke who responded thus “If he likes, let him wear Fiela

ranks ‘Ewu Nasarrawa’. Your post where you made 1/ IGP” when there was indeed no new IGP appointed e incumbent is on seat, was not only despicable, disrespectful, mutinous, derogatory and irresponsible, but was in bad taste which is least expected of an officer of your cadre.”

According to the letter, the IGP was highly embarrassed, piqued and disappointed by the “irresponsible and disrespectful conduct” and therefore directed that the ASP be served a query

Eze was queried for insubordination,  discreditable conduct, divided loyalty and Act Unbecoming of a Public officer.

The letter read, “You are hereby queried for the following acts of serious misconduct:
i. Insubordination: In that you disrespected the office and the person of the IGP by posting insultive words in a group chat and making reference to him by his first name, a conduct that did not reflect proper upbringing and the quality training given to you at the Police Academy. This is contrary to rule 030301 (o) of the Public Service Rules, 2009.

ii.Discreditable MisConduct:In that you conducted yourself in the most irresponsible manner by insulting the person of the IGP, contrary to Regulation 370 (e) of the Police Regulation.

iii, Divided Loyalty: In that your scandalous conduct as highlighted above depicted you as an officer with divided loyalty who could not be trusted with any position or responsibility in the Force, contrary to rule 030402 (s) of the Public Service Rules, 2009.

V, Act Unbecoming of a Public Officer: In that the sum total of your conduct as highlighted above is prejudicial to discipline, proper adrhinistration of the Force and Conduct unbecoming of an officer of your rank, contrary to rule 030402 (w) of the Public Service Rules 2009.

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