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Terrorists, bandits sack 108 Kaduna communities

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Bandits and terrorists have occupied 108 communites in Southern Kaduna, spokesman of the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU), Luka Binniyat, has said .

He stated that outlaws have unofficially declared war on Nigeria, adding that there has never been a time in the history of the country when (apart from top government officials who are protected round the clock by security personnel), everyone has become so vulnerable.

The spokesman of SOKAPU, a body made up of all the 67 ethnic nationalities of Kaduna State in 12 of the 23 Local Government Areas of the state said Nigeria has largely been captured by violent criminals, adding that the “so-called ‘bandits who are essentially of the Fulani stock, have captured and are occupying territories larger than some states in Nigeria. The essence of having a government in Nigeria has been defeated.

“There was no time that the blood of the innocent has been so wantonly bled since the Nigerian civil war like today. In some parts of Southern Kaduna, children have stopped going to school for upwards of four years today because the communities have moved out after several deadly attacks and kidnapping,” he said.

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