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After final vote tally, Rivlin to ask Netanyahu Wednesday to form new coalition

Following consultations with newly elected parties, president left with straightforward task: to nominate incumbent; 21st Knesset to be sworn in on April 30 Raoul Wootliff President Reuven Rivlin is set to officially task Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday with assembling a coalition to govern the 21st Knesset, with talks set to

US-Turkish tensions rise amid warnings of a rupture

Dorian Jones Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay is warning the United States of the danger of a rupture in relations, as myriad differences between the two NATO allies escalate tensions. "The United States must choose. Does it want to remain Turkey's ally or risk our friendship by joining forces with terrorists to undermine its NATO

First satellite images of Saudi nuclear plant show completion

Jude Johnson New satellite images show that Saudi Arabia has almost completed the building of its first nuclear reactor, according to a report by Bloomberg written based on the images by Google Earth. The report, published on Wednesday, noted that the construction of the facility, which is located in the southwest corner of the

Saudi Arabia pays multi-million dollar ‘blood money’ to Jamal Khashoggi’s children

Jude Johnson and David Kirkpatrick In what is termed as "blood money, the children of the Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi have received tens of thousands of dollars and millions in real estate from the rulers of the kingdom as compensation for the murder of their father by a team of Saudi

World countries blast US on Golan Heights

*Syria vows to liberate Israeli occupied territory The Arab League, Russia, Iran and Turkey have strongly warned the US after President Donald Trump declared Thursday that he will recognize Syria's Golan Heights as Israeli territory. The strategic highlands have been under the Israeli occupation since 1967, but Trump's abrupt declaration a day after US

US troops, civilians killed in ISIS-claimed attack in Syria

Several people, including US troops, were reportedly killed after a blast struck near a US-led coalition patrol in the northern Syrian town of Manbij on Wednesday.  The US-led coalition confirmed on Twitter that US troops were killed during the explosion, but did not elaborate on the number of casualties. It said it

$5.3m needed to clear mines from Jesus Christ’s baptism site

  Efforts to clear thousands of landmines and other ordnance around the site where many believe Jesus was baptised have reached a milestone and officials allowed a rare glimpse Sunday of abandoned churches there. The church grounds around the site in the occupied West Bank have sat empty and decaying for around

UN’s failure to condemn Hamas shows US, Israel have work ahead

Seth J. Franztman US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said that “we can’t talk about peace in the Middle East until we can agree on a basic condemnation of Hamas and its terrorism.” The failure of a United Nations resolution condemning Hamas for indiscriminately firing rockets at Israel showed the limits

Russia: Taliban, US officials held ’10 secret’ meetings in Doha

Ayaz Gul Russia said Monday the Taliban has secretly held 10 rounds of talks with the United States, other than the officially announced recent contact between the two sides in Qatar on how to end the war in Afghanistan. There have been only two publicly known meetings U.S. officials have held with