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West African leaders break silence on Togo violence

Niamey - West African leaders have made their first comments after two months of increasingly bloody violence in Togo, calling on the presidency and the opposition to sit down for talks. France also called for an "immediate dialogue" between the two sides in its former colony, saying it was concerned by

Migrant crisis: France hosts summit with African leaders

French President Emmanuel Macron is hosting a summit with several European and African leaders aimed at boosting efforts to curb migrant flows across the Mediterranean. The Paris talks involve leaders from Chad, Niger and Libya - major transit countries for migrants, who risk their lives trying to reach Europe. The leaders of

Ailing African Presidents Leave Nations in Leadership Limbo

Leaders of Nigeria, Angola, Zimbabwe seek treatment abroad Incapacity offsets experience benefit: Renaissance’s Robertson Nigeria, Angola and Zimbabwe are being left in leadership limbo as their ailing rulers spend weeks abroad seeking medical attention. The presidents of the three African nations all wield considerable power, and their absence has stoked investor

Peace and Security Council Report No 89

This edition takes a closer look at burning issues like child soldiers, Liberia and a new AU financing model. The clock is ticking for the AU to establish a Continental Free Trade Area, but many obstacles still remain. The PSC discussed the use of child soldiers – a burning issue in war

Experts: African Hunger Crisis Largely Man-made

This year, more so than usual, hunger is stalking Africa. The United Nations has declared a famine in parts of South Sudan and food insecurity is affecting tens of millions in nearly every geographic region of the continent. The causes vary, as do the proposed solutions. But, experts say the worst

Elections in France: It’s all about security Anne Giudicelli Anne Giudicelli is an international expert on geopolitical and security issues. Homeland security is the main talking point for all candidates hoping to become the next French president in May. According to latest opinion polls, security issues remain the primary concern of French voters for May's presidential elections. Security stands

US-Somali Citizen is Somalia’s New President-elect

Somali lawmakers elected a new president Wednesday, choosing a former prime minister who is a dual U.S.-Somali citizen. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, better known as "Farmajo," was declared the winner after two rounds of voting by the Somali parliament in Mogadishu. Farmajo won the largest share of votes in the second round, far

Somali lawmakers pick new president behind airport blast walls

MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Somali lawmakers voted for the country's president on Wednesday, gathering in the safety of Mogadishu's heavily fortified airport after months of delays and following threats from Islamist insurgents bent on derailing the elections. The voting process, which lasted months, began with 14,000 elders and regional figures choosing 275