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George Weah takes salary cut

President George Weah of Liberia pledged to cut his  salary by 25 per cent  on Monday, in a nationwide address in which he warned of tough times ahead for a “broke” country. “The state of the economy that my administration inherited leaves a lot to do and to be decided,” the

Trump to African leaders: My warmest regards

No more shithole slur. US President Donald Trump has sent a more dignifying message to African leaders, meeting in Addis-Ababa this weekend. At a meeting today with Rwanda President Paul Kagame in Davos Switzerland, Trump asked him to pass on his “warmest regards” to other  leaders. Trump had sparked global outrage after

Constitutional Term Limits for African Leaders

By the Africa Center for Strategic Studies African leaders’ adherence to constitutional term limits is a key component of institutionalizing predictable norms of democratic succession. Progress toward establishing this norm has been mixed, however. While a number of African countries have succeeded in upholding term limits over the past two decades,

AHBN asks African leaders to increase spending on family planning

... Jude Johnson   African Civil Society Organizations have called on African leaders to appropriate more budgetary allocations to family planning services in their countries which will translate to increased domestic spending and greater accountability and transparency on the use of public funds for the provision of family planning services and procurement