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US designates Boko Haram, ISIS entities ‘of particular concern’

•Labels Saudi Arabia, Iran, N/Korea countries of concern •Russia placed on special watch list    Jude Johnson with Agency report  The United States has announced the designation of the Boko Haram terrorist group as an entity “of particular concern”. The US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo in a statement revealed the designation of Boko Haram

How US military is expanding counterterrorism war across Africa

As the Pentagon was reviewing new plans for special operations missions in Africa, reducing overall troop numbers on the continent, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis designated three new named contingency operations. The most recent quarterly report from the Department of Defense Inspector General notes the creation of Operation Yukon Journey, a counterinsurgency operation, and counterterrorism operations in

Somalia: US air strike kills 60 al-Shabab fighters

A US military air raid against the al-Shabab group in Somalia - one of its deadliest in nearly a year - has killed about 60 fighters, according to US military officials. The air attack, which was launched on Friday, occurred near the al-Shabab-controlled community of Harardere in Mudug province in central Somalia, the US Africa Command (AFRICOM)

Somalia Launches Digital Counter-extremism Center

Somalia's government has launched a digital counter-extremism center that aims to dissuade young Somalis from supporting militant groups such as al-Shabab and Islamic State. The Somali Ministry of Information says the center will carry out campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and state-run media designed to promote stability in the Horn of

Terrorism Deaths in Africa Falling After Hitting Record Highs

by Salem Solomon In the past five years, terrorist attacks have killed nearly 20,000 people across Africa. Two groups, Boko Haram and al-Shabab, accounted for 71 percent of reported incidents and 91 percent of fatalities. But, while these and other militant groups remain active, fatal terrorist attacks across the continent are on