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Artificial Intelligence: What You Need to Know

By Arinze Okigbo Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, is human-like intelligence in a machine that is programmed and created to mimic human thinking and actions. It has advanced over the years and has become better as people are learning more about it and improving on it. Artificial intelligence dates back to

Resource-rich Africa? Get Off the Platform

By Patrick Okigbo III The earth shakes when a giant tree falls. One such tree fell this week, but you probably didn’t notice. ExxonMobil dropped off the Dow Jones Industrial Average; an index it has been on for close to a century (although under the name Standard Oil Company of

Why Google Thinks the Future of the Web Is…Email

It's ubiquitous, convenient, cheap and relatively fast. Which means everyone has it. Even if they dont use it all that much, they use it more than most of the apps they download and then ignore. And it gives Google a clever way of circumventing some of its arch-competitors like Facebook and