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Nigeria’s Slave Descendants Hope Race Protests Help End Discrimination

•Descendants of slaves still face widespread stigma, affecting everything from their life partner to their career development By Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani When Barack Obama was elected the first Black U.S. president in 2008, Anthony Uzoije noticed less contempt towards descendants of slaves like him in his south-eastern Nigeria community. Uzoije, from Ogbaru in

Why Africa Should Champion for an End to 401 Years of Injustice against Black Race–African American

Rashad McCrorey is from Harlem, New York in the United States of America (USA). The African American is the owner of Africa Cross-Culture, a tourism company which takes black Americans to different countries in Africa, these countries include Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Rwanda. He is also a freelance journalist

Africa’s Literary Community is Lending its Voice to Calls for Justice for George Floyd

By Yomi Kazeem (Africa reporter) In Africa, the protests of George Floyd’s murder have gone beyond US embassies and the African Union. For its part, Africa’s literary community is lending its voice to amplify the calls for justice after Floyd’s killing in the hands of a US police officer last week. In a