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Op-ed: Is President Buhari aware of this?

By Abba Mahmood  There is virtually no part of Nigeria that is peaceful. There is virtually no household that is happy. There is virtually no individual that is not living in fear in Nigeria today. School fees and hospital bills are becoming difficult for most people. Even one square meal is becoming

Why thinking about death is good for you

Acknowledging your own mortality can improve your quality of life. By Mark McDermott, Oona McEwan Awareness of your own mortality can do wonders for your mental health, if you think about it in the right way.Kicki Zeilon Nobody likes to think about lying on their death bed. From health anxiety to midlife crises, it

Op-ed: 2019 Presidency: Why Atiku Is The Answer

By Chief Chukwuma Okirie There is no gainsaying the fact that Nigerian economy is currently comatose, citizens are hungry while unemployment rate keeps increasing. The condition of living has now become survival of the fittest with various agitations for national disintegration. Resuscitating the economy does not require foolish approach, nor guess work,

Op-ed: Buhari must resign: Of morality or legality?

By Adeboye Adegoke   Editor’ note: The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy of Global Sentinel   It’s 100 days today, since the president left the country to attend to his health, and this will be the second instance this year alone. It must be noted that the president had earlier spent about

Op-ed: Some lessons from America

By Sufuyan Ojeifo I am a bushman.  And, I make no pretensions about it. I do not mean that I am a supporter of former President of America, George Bush, Junior. Not at all!  What I mean is that I am not cosmopolitan, but rather insular, pigeonholed in a little corner

Op-ed: On the Nigeria Agony

By Emmanuel Onwubiko  As devoted human rights campaigners, our official and private lines are usually inundated with calls from distressed members of the civil society. These callers ranging from house wives confronting different facets of brutal domestic abuses and violence to single girls and men who have wandered the major streets of

Op-ed: The Lion of The East (Part 1)

By Femi Fani-Kayode  Let me make this abundantly clear right from the outset. I love and respect Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the supreme leader of the Biafran movement, the founder and convener of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) and the man that I have appropiately dubbed as the Lion of the

Water security: A new hope

Water security has gained considerable attention worldwide in the past decade. The World Economic Forum, an annual gathering of the world’s political and business leadership in Davos, Switzerland, has consistently ranked water security among its top concerns for a number of years. However, the achievement of water security – or

OPINION: On extralegal killings and torture

BY EMMANUEL ONWBIKO In the last five years, Nigeria has witnessed unprecedented levels of killings of innocent citizens by a range of armed non-state actors.  In the years under review, the armed bandits known as boko haram terrorists have killed and maimed over 30,000 innocent Nigerians.  The other most deadly non-state actors that