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US bans electronic devices in Carry-ons from 8 Muslim countries (List of 10 affected airlines)

•Laptops, Ipads, cameras affected  ...Paschal Okeke  The United States ( US) has ordered a ban on travelling with large electronic devices from cabin baggage on passenger flights from eight Muslim-majority countries including two from North Africa, and six others from the Middle East. The US Department of Homeland Security  (DHS) announced the new immigration

Full statements on Trump’s travel ban (all you need to know)

Secretary's Remarks on the President's Executive Order Signed Today Remarks Rex W. Tillerson Secretary of State Ronald Reagan Building Washington, DC March 6, 2017   SECRETARY TILLERSON: Hello. Good morning and thank you for joining us. The executive order signed by the President earlier today, Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States, is a vital

US Congress to probe Obama on wiretapping allegations

…Paschal Okeke   The United States House of Representatives Committee on Intelligence said it would probe former President Barack Obama’s administration over alleged tapping into the phones and computer servers of President Donald Trump and campaign officials.   The Chairman of the Committee, Devin Nunes, said on Sunday in a statement that his panel

Trump attorney general Jeff Sessions met Russian ambassador

Attorney General Jeff Sessions met Russia's ambassador twice during Donald Trump's presidential campaign last year, the US government has confirmed. Mr Sessions, a senator at the time, did not disclose the contacts at his January confirmation hearing. But he stressed on Wednesday he had "never met any Russian officials to discuss issues