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Voyage of Life or Death

Editor's note: Nextier SPD Policy Weekly provides an analysis of topical conflict, security, and development issues as well as proposes recommendations to address them.This edition examines the risks posed by such migration and makes recommendations on how the challenges can be addressed. The phenomenon of irregular migration has become a major global security

Algeria chases Nigerian migrants, others back to dersert to die- UN

•Resumes deadly migrant expulsions in desert Lori Hinnnant  Algeria's government has resumed expelling migrants into the Sahara Desert to die, leaving 391 people to wander through some of the world's most hostile terrain in the middle of summer, a UN migration official said Saturday. The migrants, from 16 different countries including Nigeria, were

The new ways of Nigeria’s human traffickers

Thousands of young people move from the Nigerian state of Benue in the east to the country's southwest every year. They are promised a good education and well-paid jobs. But they end up in modern slavery. Judith Akuha, 18, sits on a small wooden bench in rural eastern Nigeria with a