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Record 29 Million Africans Are Forcibly Displaced

By the Africa Center for Strategic Studies An additional 4 million Africans were forced from their homes due to conflict and repressive governance in the past year, continuing an upward trend since 2011. There are 29 million people in Africa who have been forcibly displaced from their homes (internally displaced, refugees, and

UN Renews South Sudan Arms Embargo

The United Nations, (U.N.) Security Council renewed sanctions on South Sudan Thursday for another year, including an arms embargo. But none of the council’s three African members supported the measure. Last year, after earlier failed attempts, the Security Council imposed sanctions, including an arms embargo, against South Sudan, where political violence

National dialogues are key to peace in the Horn

Facing a new phase of instability, the region needs genuine, inclusive efforts driven by national and local players. By Dawit Yohannes and Meressa Dessu The countries in the Horn of Africa have entered a new phase of domestic instability. Political protests in Ethiopia and Sudan and armed insurrections in South Sudan and Somalia have dredged

Human suffering underlines the urgency to do more in 2019

In 2019 the Peace and Security Council (PSC) is likely to see crises in places such as South Sudan, Somalia, the Central African Republic (CAR) and the Sahel remain on its agenda. Other burning issues such as Cameroon could spiral out of control if not handled by the continental body. The

Child soldiers of South Sudan

by Andreea Campeanu On the red, dusty ground in Yambio, under a large mango tree, a group of 30 girls and boys, some wearing military clothes and some with guns next to them, sit in the shade eating biscuits while waiting for the start of the ceremony to release them from the army. The

Sudan’s president Omar al-Bashir dissolves government

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir dissolved the country's government on Sunday amidst an increasingly dire economic crisis. With the approval of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP), Bashir fired all 31 cabinet ministers including Prime Minister Bakri Hassan Saleh. A presidential statement late on Sunday said that the move included a cut

Africa’s Most Challenging Elections in 2018

By Dorina Bekoe Ediror's note: Twenty countries in Africa will hold national elections in 2018. This analysis reviews countries facing unique challenges to holding peaceful elections on the continent. In 2018, 20 countries in Africa will hold presidential and parliamentary elections. Past experience indicates that 20 percent of African elections have experienced violence resulting

The eight African elections to watch out for in 2018

By Abdi Latif Dahir For many African countries, 2017 was the beginning of a new era. Long-term rulers departed in Zimbabwe, Angola, and the Gambia; internal dissent, economic challenges, and increasing unemployment rates pressured many countries including Ethiopia and Nigeria; and a divided ruling party in South Africa showed an electorate disenchanted with liberation movements. Some of

Catalonia’s Secession Referendum Is One Among Many Movements for Independence

By William Tucker Contributor, In Homeland Security The semi-autonomous region of Catalonia on Sunday voted overwhelmingly in favor of independence from Spain. “According to the Catalan government, which announced the results early Monday, 90 percent of the ballots cast were for independence — with 2,020,144 people voting yes and 176,566 no,” the Washington Postreported. But