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U.S Assures Nigeria Timely Delivery Of A-29 Super Tucano Aircraft

Godsgift Onyedinefu The United States Department of Defence (US DOD) has assured the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) of its readiness to channel all efforts towards on-schedule delivery of the 12 units of A-29 Super Tucano aircraft, which were recently paid for by the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN). This assurance was given

5 missing after two U.S military aircraft crash in japan

Rescue operations were underway Thursday for five US marines missing after two American military aircraft crashed during a refuelling operation off the coast of Japan, the Japanese defence minister said. One crew member has already been rescued and is thought to be in a stable condition, Takeshi Iwaya told reporters. A spokesman

U.S opens diplomatic mission in somalia after 28 years

The United States (U.S) has renewed a “permanent diplomatic presence” in Somalia, the State Department said, 28 years after the U.S. embassy was closed as a civil war raged in the country. Somalia has been trying to recover from the conflict that engulfed the country in 1991, when clan warlords overthrew

US places order for Nigeria’s super Tucano Aircraft

The United States Department of Defence said it has placed a $329 million contract with the Sierra Nevada Corporation to manufacture 12 A-29 Super Tucano aircraft for the Nigerian Air Force (NAF). The planes are needed to combat Boko Haram insurgency in the north east of the country. The contract was announced

51 countries pledge support for global cyber security rules

Fifty-one states and countries, including all European Union (EU) members, have pledged their support for a new international agreement to set standards on cyber weapons and the use of the internet, the French government said Monday. The states have signed up to a so-called “Paris Call for Trust and Security in

U.S arms transfer rises by 13 percent in 2018

The United STate's (U.S) Arms Transfer Rises 13 Percent in 2018, Highlighting Administration's Success Strengthening Security Partners While Growing American Jobs Over the last fiscalyear, authorized arms exports rose by a total of 13 percent to $192.3 billion, adding thousands of jobs to the U.S. economy and sustaining many thousands more. These increases in both government-to-government and

CIA to Launch Drone Strikes in Libya – Report

The American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is preparing to carry out secret drone attacks against militants in Libya, a leading U.S. newspaper reports. This is in addition to the strikes expected to be launched by the U.S. military against Sahel militants from new facilities being built by the U.S. Air Force in Agadez

ICC is illegitimate, already dead to us – U.S

Threatens to Arrest ICC Judges Over War Crimes Probe   United States long-running reluctant relationship with the International Criminal Court ICC came to a crashing halt on Monday as decades of U.S. suspicions about the tribunal and its global jurisdiction spilled into open hostility, amid threats of sanctions if it investigates