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The bombs that are about to engulf Nigeria, other African nations

By Christopher Okoli       For decades, African leaders did their best to continually mismanage the continent’s resources, thereby, contributing to the underdevelopment of the once great continent. However, Military interventions in the governance of member countries helped to create powerfully dreaded, untouchable and fearful dictators that destroyed democratic institutions of checks

Op-ed: Aso Rock’s clinic of infamy

By Emmanuel Onwubiko     Anybody who has never gone through a near-death experience may not fully appreciate what it means to go through the valley of the shadow of death that has become the daily routine in most public hospitals in Nigeria. It is a fact that Patients who are not financially empowered

Op-ed: Political repression among northerners

  By Aliyu U. Tilde     Populist governments throughout history are the most intolerant, brutal and repressive. Remember the communist regimes before in Eastern Europe, Russia, China and even Venezuela today. They are constructed on a raison d'être of self a self-acclaimed virtue in defense of the masses. This false premise gives them

Op-ed: 70 days in Boko Haram captivity, have UNIMAID lecturers been forgotten?

By Fredrick Nwabufo Boko Haram, the dreaded insurgent group has used kidnapping as one of its atrocious instruments of war since 2009. However, the sect gained opprobrious notoriety for the crime of kidnapping when it abducted 276 schoolgirls from Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno state, on April 14, 2014. The government

Letter from Africa: Bible-bashing for votes in Kenya

  In our series of letters from African journalists, Joseph Warungu reflects on how the Bible has taken centre stage in the battle for the Kenyan presidency. If opposition leader Raila Odinga contests and wins the presidential election re-run on 26 October, a large chunk of the Kenyan population will be about

AUN’s Message of Peace to Nigeria

Editor's note: American University of Nigeria (AUN)'s message to Nigerians on the occasion of the nation's 57th Independence Day Anniversary     Hello neighbors! As President of the American University of Nigeria, and Chairperson of the Adamawa Peacemakers Initiative, I share a message of peace to our community.  During this holiday weekend, celebrating