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Nigeria @59: Can Nation Develop Without Resolving Nationhood Question?

Law Mefor The Nigerian nation state has, since inception, become a workshop in nation building. Many development rolling plans have been formulated by the past and present variegated regimes. Huge resources not even available to many developed nations have been haphazardly deployed with predictably erratic results. You do recall the two broad

Curing the doubts over Presidential Election Tribunal

Law Mefor The travails of the Nigerian Judiciary in the recent times climaxed with the ignoble removal of the former Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Nkanu Onnoghen, few months ago. Onnoghen’s disgrace unexpectedly shook the Judiciary to the foundations...It rightly created the doubts over the independence of the

Presidential Election Petition: Why certificate mattered

Law Mefor This practice is good and global best, and time-honoured. You cannot put something on nothing and expect it to stand. In other words, you cannot put a first degree certificate on a base that lacks the secondary education foundation, as that level is designed as the feeder to the

The Wall Street Journal and nocturnal burials

Col. Timothy Antigha Just like weddings, burial rites of service personnel even during periods of hostility constitute an integral part of the Traditions and Customs of the Nigerian Army and indeed the military, as inherited from the British. The practice is that, upon the death of serving personnel, his Commanding Officer

Rochas Okorocha and the anatomy of ‘lootocrazy’ in Imo State

Uche Igwe I must confess that from the revelations, it is now clear that the former governor cleverly crafted a self-serving strategy for his looting by masking it in false eloquence, misguided populism, deceptive sloganeering and disingenuous comedy. The graphic exposition of the extent of looting which he masterminded