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Third-Force: Between Ramaphosa, Abiola and Dangote

By Yushau A. Shuaib   A sudden political change occurred recently when an international businessman, Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa emerged the new South African President. He has impacted positively on the life of his people through Shanduka Group, a company he founded with investments in the energy sector, real estate, banking, insurance, and

Shekau’s Sambisa Escape and Boko Haram’s New Kidnap of Yobe Girls

By Farooq Kperogi Three days after offering a 3-million-naira bounty on Boko Haram factional leader Abubakar Shekau (whom Nigerian military authorities had claimed to have killed several times!), the BBC reported today that when our valiant troops came close to capturing him alive, they were told by higher-ups to back off.

Yobe schoolgirls’ abduction: Has karma come for the APC government?

By Fredrick Nwabufo Karma is “a spiritual principle of cause and effect where the intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual”. In Buddhism, it refers to “actions driven by intention, a deed done deliberately through body, speech or mind, which leads to future consequences”. I am not a

Op-ed: Evil thrives when good people remain silent

By Prince Chinedu Obi (Ohamadike) One of the greatest weaknesses of man is his reluctance to take responsibility for his action or inaction. Experience has shown that Africa and Nigeria in particular has over the years witnessed poor governance rating and has consequently, remained largely undeveloped due to the unwillingness of