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Islamisation Comment: Full Text Of A Keynote address delivered by Obasanjo at Anglican Church Synod in Delta

Editor's note: This is the full text of the controversial keynote address delivered by former President Obasanjo at Anglican Church Synod in Delta, where raised allegations of planned 'Islamisation and Fulanisation' of Nigeria as well as Africa through Boko Haram, banditry and herdsmen attacks. “MOBILISING NIGERIA’S HUMAN AND NATURAL RESOURCES FOR

‘Why Wike is Chasing Shadows’

By Idoko Ainoko Anyone seeking to understand the concept of a tortured soul only needs to pay close attention to Rivers State Governor, Mr Nyesom Wike, whose every action in recent days seems to provoke his demons instead of pacifying them. Yet, Wike knows the solution to his problems, he has

Justice Bulkachuwa’s resignation from the presidential poll tribunal must be total–Intersociety

Editor's note: The rights group, Intersociety which has been at the forefront of calling for the Appeal Court President, Justice Zainab Bulkachuwa to rescue herself from the 2019 Presidential Election Tribunal Panel, has commended her resignation on Wednesday. However, the group is also demanding that Justice Bulkachuwa must take further

Strengthening the healthcare system in north-east Nigeria – a priority for WHO

Charity Warigon It started like every other normal day. Mallam Isah and his wife, Hauwa, had set off to the farm as it was the peak of the farming season. Half way into the day’s work, the attention of the couple was needed back home. Bintu, their 3-year old daughter had

Amazing discoveries within Boko Haram’s birthplace

Yushau A. Shuaib   Every time I have reason to travel to Maiduguri for an assignment, my family members become prayer warriors, and clarifications are sought around my dreams at such periods to check for what might be portents, while safety measures are devised against any possible untoward development.   As the birthplace of

Wike Is Afraid Of Wike

By Okanga Agila “Let your consciousness, savoir faire and understanding liberate you from all the clutches of delusions, dopiness, greed, arrogance, sufferings and hopelessness. Let you reclaim your brilliance, be able to interact with the core of your being, connect, integrate and merge with your higher self and feel the bliss,

Disasters, followed by conflict, drive the greatest number of IDPs in 2018

Amy Lieberman Natural disasters provoked the majority of new internal displacement cases last year, outpacing conflict as a chief factor driving people from their homes. More than 17 million people were newly displaced in 2018 as a result of weather and geophysical changes, while 10.8 million additional people were uprooted because of

Diversity, Curiosity and Creativity: Breeding the ground for a better world

Cedric Dupont As forcefully articulated and expressed by Sir Ken Robinson, the current trouble with education is the still dominant culture of conformity, compliance and standardisation, a triad designed to serve the needs of industrialisation and a command and control world. Given the pace of change and the significance of the challenges