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Immigration: Italy shuts down Nigerian Mafia business

Jude Johnson The Italian government has shut down the Nigerian Mafia business which ran the biggest migrant centre in Europe, which raked in dozens of millions of Euros through Prostitution,drug dealing, theft and stolen goods. The Italian Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini made the statement while inspecting the closure of the

WWII: Could the allies pull off a secret D-Day invasion of Normandy today?

Erik Kleinsmith On June 6, 1944, over 150,000 Allied troops landed in Normandy commencing one of the most daring operations in military history, the invasion of Nazi-occupied France. Despite German defense preparations, the complexity of the mission, and the vicious fighting in several landing zones, the Allies were able to establish

Don’t take our troops for granted, France warns West African states fighting Islamists

John Irish   The West African states fighting Islamist militancy in the region should not take France’s military presence for granted because Paris will not be there forever, Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Tuesday. The Sahel region is suffering from a spike of violence from militant groups linked to al Qaeda

Theresa May resigns: key reactions

Prime Minister Theresa May’s resignation looks likely to make Britain’s looming departure from the EU even more difficult, with some suggesting a hard or “no-deal” Brexit is now almost inevitable. Here are the main reactions to the announcement she will step down as leader of the Conservative Party, and hence also

Theresa May expected to quit Friday

Theresa May is expected to announce her resignation as British Prime Minister on Friday, most British newspapers reported on Thursday. May’s resignation will trigger a race among senior ministers to replace her as leader of the Conservative Party, and herald a new approach to the deadlocked Brexit negotiations that have besieged

Islamic State: Britain proposes travel ban to parts of Nigeria, W/Africa, Syria 

•Violators risk 10-year jail term Jude Johnson  The British government could ban travel to parts of Syria and West Africa including Nigeria in a bid to combat the problem of foreign fighters who join extremist organizations such as the Islamic State. This was disclosed by the Home Secretary, Mr. Sajid Javid, on Monday

Ogoni Nine: Shell awaits court ruling on complicity in deaths

•Widows of Nigerian activists accuse oil firm of instigating crackdown against protesters Ruth McLean A Dutch court may decide on Wednesday if Shell was complicit in the Nigerian government’s execution of the Ogoni Nine, environmental activists who were trying to fight the petroleum company’s exploitation of their oil-rich homeland. The widows of

What Europeans Really Want: Five myths debunked

Ivan Krastev, Mark Leonard & Susi Dennison Executive summary The 2019 European Parliament election will be radically different from the tales in the headlines: it will not be a referendum on migration.New ECFR/YouGov research reveals huge fluidity in current voting intentions: 70 percent of Europeans certain to vote are yet to make