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Italian Police Seize over $1 billion of ‘ISIS-made’ Captagon Amphetamines

By Jack Guy, Stephanie Halasz, Valentina DiDonato and Gul Tuysuz Police in Italy have confiscated a huge shipment of 14 metric tonnes (15.4 US tons) of amphetamines which they say was produced by ISIS in Syria. Officers tracked three suspect containers to the port of Salerno in southwest Italy and found 84 million pills with

Nigerian-Born Boxer Trafficked as a Child Wins Right to Stay in the UK after 16 Years

By Amber Milne A former England boxer who was trafficked from Nigeria as a child and forced into domestic servitude has won the right to remain in Britain after a 16-year legal battle. Kelvin Bilal Fawaz, 32, was granted the right to live and work in Britain for 30 months, after being

Spanish Police Nab Criminal Syndicate Shipping Toxic Waste to Nigeria, Africa

Spanish police on Monday said they had broken up a criminal organization that illegally shipped 2,500 tonnes of toxic waste from the Canary Islands all over West Africa. Some 34 people were arrested on the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria as part of a joint operation with Europol, the Civil

COVID-19: EU Blacklists US, Nigeria from List of 54 Countries Allowed to Visit Europe

Jude Johnson Nigeria, Uninted States of America, Russia and Brazil have been excluded from the list of 54 countries whose travellers could be received into Europe when the borders reopen on July 1. reported that the European Union Commission released a list of 54 countries that qualified for travels into

France Launches Sahel Coalition to Fight Rising Jihadi Violence

By Boureima Balima and John Irish France launched a coalition of West African and European allies on Friday to fight jihadi militants in the Sahel region, hoping more political cooperation and special forces would boost a military effort that has so far failed to stifle violence. Former colonial power France has deployed

Italian Police Nab 10 Nigerians Suspected for Human Trafficking

Jude Johnson Italian police have detained 10 Nigerians accused of running a human trafficking ring that allegedly used voodoo rituals and promises of jobs to lure migrants to Italy only to be  put to work as prostitutes. Police in Catania, Sicily, said the victims, including some minors, paid as much as 25,000

‘China Violated Sino-British Treaty’-US, Australia, Canada and UK Issue Joint Statement on Hong Kong

Joint Statement on Hong Kong Media NoteOffice of the SpokespersonMay 28, 2020 The text of the following statement was released by the Governments of the United States of America, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Begin Text:Signatories to this statement reiterate our deep concern regarding Beijing’s decision to impose a national security law in

With More than 175,000 Deaths, Europe Tops Global COVID-19 Fatalities

European deaths spike since March linked to COVID-19--WHO official Jude Johnson The continental Europe has emerged the region with the highest COVID-19 fatalities, with over 175, 000 confirmed dead, which far outstrips that of the United States and North America. About 159,000 more people in 24 European countries have died since early

In Stunning Reversal, Turkey Emerges as Libya Kingmaker

With a succession of quick victories, Turkish-supported forces in Libya have rolled back the gains of a would-be strongman whose allies, Russia and the United Arab Emirates, now face tough choices. A billboard depicting Khalifa Hifter, the commander of the Libyan National Army, in downtown Benghazi in January.Credit...Ivor Prickett for The