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Theresa May expected to quit Friday

Theresa May is expected to announce her resignation as British Prime Minister on Friday, most British newspapers reported on Thursday. May’s resignation will trigger a race among senior ministers to replace her as leader of the Conservative Party, and herald a new approach to the deadlocked Brexit negotiations that have besieged

Islamic State: Britain proposes travel ban to parts of Nigeria, W/Africa, Syria 

•Violators risk 10-year jail term Jude Johnson  The British government could ban travel to parts of Syria and West Africa including Nigeria in a bid to combat the problem of foreign fighters who join extremist organizations such as the Islamic State. This was disclosed by the Home Secretary, Mr. Sajid Javid, on Monday

Ogoni Nine: Shell awaits court ruling on complicity in deaths

•Widows of Nigerian activists accuse oil firm of instigating crackdown against protesters Ruth McLean A Dutch court may decide on Wednesday if Shell was complicit in the Nigerian government’s execution of the Ogoni Nine, environmental activists who were trying to fight the petroleum company’s exploitation of their oil-rich homeland. The widows of

What Europeans Really Want: Five myths debunked

Ivan Krastev, Mark Leonard & Susi Dennison Executive summary The 2019 European Parliament election will be radically different from the tales in the headlines: it will not be a referendum on migration.New ECFR/YouGov research reveals huge fluidity in current voting intentions: 70 percent of Europeans certain to vote are yet to make

Sri Lanka: German MPs denounce growing violence against Christians in Nigeria, globally

Jude Johnson with Agency report German politicians across the political spectrum said the persecution of Christians worldwide is growing especially in parts of Nigeria and other countries where Christians are minorities. Their statements came after a spate of bomb attacks on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on

Comic Relief: Ukrainian comedian Zelensky wins presidential election by landslide

Ukrainian comedian Volodymyr Zelensky has scored a landslide victory in the country's presidential election. With nearly all ballots counted in the run-off vote, Mr Zelensky had taken more than 73% with incumbent Petro Poroshenko trailing far behind on 24%. "I will never let you down," Mr Zelensky told celebrating supporters. Mr Poroshenko, who

Sweden launches new ‘top secret’ spy ship in the Baltic Sea

The HMS Artemis, Sweden's new reconnaissance vessel, is meant to replace the HMS Orion, which is scheduled to retire, and carry on with intelligence activities in the Baltic Sea. A new intelligence vessel built by Saab Kockums on behalf of the Swedish military has been launched in the Baltic Sea, the daily newspaper Expressen reported. On Wednesday,

Churches and mosques offered share of £1.6m security fund

•Scheme helps places of worship install alarms, security lighting and CCTV cameras Religious organisations have been invited to apply for a share of a government fund to improve security at their places of worship. The places of worship protective security scheme helps churches, mosques, temples and gurdwaras in England and Wales to

EU struggles over law to tackle spread of terror online

Alice Cuddy The European Union (EU) officials are struggling to agree on a law aimed at preventing the spread of "terrorist content" online. The European Parliament approved a draft version of the law on Wednesday evening, which would impose a one-hour deadline to remove offending content. But a European Commission official told the

Aggressive new terrorist content regulation passes EU vote

•But some controversial plans were rolled back Colin Lecher The European Union (EU) lawmakers today approved controversial legislation that would require platforms to take down terrorist content within one hour of receiving notification from authorities. The European Parliament passed the measure by a vote of 308 to 204, and the text will be further negotiated