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Nigeria’s former defence chief killed amid growing insecurity

Air Chief Marshall Alex Badeh shot dead near Abuja as authorities struggle with increase in violence in oil-rich Niger Delta.   Fidelis Mbah Nigeria's former chief of defence Air Marshall Alex Badeh, who was facing trial for alleged fraud, criminal breach of trust and money laundering, has been killed by unknown gunmen. Badeh was shot dead

Herders Vs. Farmers: A deadly year in Nigeria

Tim McDonnell for NPR Deadly conflicts between farmers and cattle herders in central Nigeria over land and natural resources reached a high point in 2018, according to a new report from Amnesty International. In 2018, more than 2,000 people were killed in such conflicts, the report found. That's more than the previous two

Under Fire: Why Nigeria is struggling to defeat Boko Haram

Neil Munshi A demoralised and underequipped army is being blamed for slow progress against militants in the northeast, writes Neil Munshi     Muna Custom House camp lies on the edge of Maiduguri, near one of many trenches surrounding the northern Nigerian city dug to help keep Boko Haram at bay. It is often the

Farmers vs Herders: Ordinary people keeping the peace in Nigeria’s deadly land feuds

Civilians are stepping in to stop the violence between farmers and herders Max Bearak (story) and Jane Hahn (photos) Farmers and herders once lived harmoniously on Nigeria’s bucolic central plateau, but when Amos Lenji, a farmer, caught a young herdsman grazing cattle in his cornfields this October, he feared for his life.His

Special Report: Should the stones become bullets?

•Managing conflicts between Nigeria and its Shi’ites Editor's note: This month’s Nextier SPD Monthly examines the violent clashes between the Nigerian state and the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) also known as Shi’ites. Based on observation and desk research, it traces the origin, history and causes  the current conflicts, especially the

Nigeria’s Buhari rattled by Boko Haram attacks as polls loom

Insecurity is a major electoral issue for President Muhammadu Buhari as he seeks re-election in 2019 polls. Fidelis Mbah  As Nigeria prepares for general elections in February, a series of attacks by Boko Haram has focused attention on the security situation in the country. The armed group appears to have regained ground in

Why Boko Haram is attacking Nigerian military bases in Northeast

Hamza Idris and Ronald Mutum    Boko Haram insurgents have upped their attacks in recent times because they have restocked their armoury with fighting equipment looted from several military formations in Borno and Yobe states, sources told the Daily Trust. The sources also add that there is evidence that the insurgents have smuggled in

Ibrahim Sakaba: Slain Nigerian Army commander hailed for selflessness in Boko Haram war

  Samuel Ogundipe Ibrahim Sakaba, a lieutenant-colonel, died alongside at least 117 of his fellow soldiers following a catastrophic invasion of their base in northern Borno State on November 18. Colleagues have hailed the bravery of all the soldiers who lost their lives in the attack. But they hailed Mr Sakaba in particular

Why teaching World War 1 is crucial in 2018

On Sunday, we marked the centennial of the end of World War I. Many history teachers in 2018, however, may be tempted to bow to student preferences and rush through the “Great War,” devoting more time to World War II. This would be a mistake. While the Second World War