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US could push Russia into tit-for-tat military spending that could push them to the brink of bankruptcy

Scott Wyland The United States should pull a page from the Cold War playbook and drive Russia to spend money in a tit-for-tat power game that its smaller economy can’t support, a think tank said in a recent study. The West can exploit factors that are making Russia more vulnerable, such as

No Thanks: China dismisses notion it will join Russia, US in nuclear talks

•A top Chinese official this week rejected the suggestion that China would be participating in discussions with Russia and the US on limiting nuclear arms, saying that it has no intention to "take part in any trilateral negotiations." Geng Shuang, a Chinese Foreign Ministryspokesperson, said at a daily briefing that potential negotiations

Senkaku Paradox: Preparing for conflict with the great powers

Editor's Note: Contemplating a scenario where China and Russia seize territory of marginal importance triggering applicable defense treaties, Washington needs better, less escalatory, and, thus, more credible options, writes Michael O'Hanlon. This piece was originally published by The Hill. Since roughly 2014, when Russia seized Crimea and China solidified its

Pacific: To counter US dominance, China and Russia holds joint naval drills

China said Thursday that it will hold joint naval drills with Russia next week, in another sign that the countries' militaries are growing closer in the face of shared opposition to U.S. military dominance. The "Joint Sea 2019" drills will be held off the northern port city of Qingdao, Defense Ministry

With US-Russian arms control treaties on shaky ground, the future is worrying

Steven Pifer Editor's Note: On its current path, the U.S.-Russia nuclear arms control regime likely will come to an end in 2021. That will make for a strategic relationship that is less stable, less secure and less predictable and will further complicate an already troubled bilateral relationship, argues Steven Pifer. This

Boko Haram: Nigeria seeks Russia’s assistance in military technology, counter-terrorism

Jude Johnson  The Federal Government has solicited the cooperation of Russia to enhance its military  Industrial Complex and technology as well as eliminate the Boko Haram insurgents from Nigeria and the Lake Chad Basin countries.  The Minister of Defence, Mansur Dan-Ali made the appeal on Wednesday at the 8th Moscow “Conference on

Mueller report inconclusive, harmful to US-Russia ties–Kremlin

The Kremlin on Friday rejected special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s report on his investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, calling it inconclusive in establishing any such meddling and damaging to U.S.-Russian relations. The report “still does not present any conclusive evidence of alleged interference by the Russian Federation

NATO Chief warns US Congress of ‘More Assertive Russia’

Ken Bredemer NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg warned the U.S. Congress Wednesday of the threat of a "more assertive Russia," saying that the West's key military alliance is not looking to start a new Cold War with Moscow but needs to deter its military aggression. In an unprecedented address to a joint session of Congress on the

A Russian ‘spy’ plane is being allowed to photograph US military sites

Brian Niemietz A Russian surveillance jet based out of Travis Air Force Base in northern California has been enjoying access to restricted air space that are off limits to U.S. passenger planes since last week. In turn, Russia has allowed U.S. spy planes to fly over its nation’s most sensitive military bases. The