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Russia warns France over CAR peace role

Russia warned France on Thursday that it must put aside "parochial national interests" and recognise its peace efforts in the Central African Republic as negotiations continued on a contentious UN Security Council resolution. France has presented a draft resolution that takes aim at recent Russian efforts to broker peace deals in

From the CAR to Eritrea, Russia’s African ambitions unfold

Salem Solomon  The Central African Republic might seem like an unusual venue for Russia's evolving strategy in Africa. The CAR doesn't boast Ethiopia's booming economy or Angola's deep oil reserves. It lacks a developed mining industry like Zambia or a strategic location like Djibouti. But the landlocked country of fewer than 5 million people,

US sanctions Chinese military for buying Russian jets, missiles

•Blacklits 33 Russian intel, military officials The United States (US) hit a Chinese military organization with punishing financial sanctions for buying Russian fighter jets and missiles as it stepped up pressure on Moscow over its “malign activities.” It was the first time the Trump administration targeted a third country with its CAATSA

Syria: Putin, Netanyahu defuse tension over downing of Russian jet

•15 Russian servicemen killed GETTY IMAGES The Il-20 aircraft was returning to a Russian base on the north-western coast of Syria (file photo) The leaders of Russia and Israel have sought to defuse tension after a Russian plane was shot down by Syrian forces amid an Israeli air raid. In a call to Vladimir

Putin’s Victory in Syria Threatened by Russian Military Deficits

By William Tucker Contributor, In Homeland Security It was only two months ago that Russian President Vladimir Putin paid a surprise visit to Syria. His goal was to declare victory over the various forces that have sought to unseat the regime of Bashir al-Assad. Putin’s visit was a bold move meant to telegraph

Russian MPs vow to investigate origin of MANPAD used in downing jet in Syria

Senior Russian lawmakers have urged the country to probe the origin of the man-portable air-defense system (MANPAD), which was reportedly used by Takfiri terrorists to down a Russian jet over Syria. Russia's Defense Ministry confirmed in a statement on Saturday that the Su-25 fighter jet had been shot down in Syria's

Russia is preparing for N/Korea war as tensions rise, Says Putin’s top Security Adviser

Russia is making preparations in case the diplomatic crisis around North Korea’s nuclear testing escalates into a fully fledged armed conflict, the head of Moscow’s Security Council said on Friday. North Korea and the U.S. have threatened each other with war over Pyongyang’s decision to defy international appeals and continue developing

Prepare for war: Putin tells Russian Defense Companies

By Damien Sharkov The Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded that his country’s biggest enterprises must show that they can step up arms production and important services on short notice to be war-ready. “The economic ability to increase the production of defense products and services quickly is a vital element of military security,”

Russian investigative journalist: Snowden is ‘a sort of ghost’

By Michael B. Kelley Russian investigative journalist Andrei Soldatov, who co-wrote the definitive books on the post-Soviet security services and the history of the Russian internet, has kept tabs on National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden’s ongoing exile. “He is a sort of ghost,” Soldatov told a recent Lawfare  podcast. “It looks like