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Lawal Daura: An Encounter with Intelligence Chief

By Yushau A. Shuaib   It was 24 hours after the official release of my book, “An Encounter with the Spymaster” in July 2017 that I received an invitation from a top retired Airforce officer for a meeting with the then Director General of Department of State Service (DSS), Lawal Daura.   Before the

Better policing can help combat human trafficking

By Matt Herbert Global statistics show that just two years ago, there were about 25 million labour trafficking victims in the world – 3.8 million of whom were forced into the sex trade. In Africa, 3.4 million people had been trafficked into forced labour by 2016. These figures exclude forced marriage. When those 15.4 million victims are

Financial Crimes on the rise in Africa, undercuts economic growth gains

By Martin Ewi Africa needs a common approach to financial crime, and the resolve to enforce legislation and regulations. Financial crime in developing countries, particularly Africa, is on the rise, undermining gains in economic growth and negatively affecting development. This is particularly worrying on a continent whose countries are among the most resource-rich worldwide,

Killing Nigeria Police Softly!

 By Emmanuel Onwubiko These certainly are not the best of times for the beleaguered Nigeria Police Force. The embattled policing institution in Nigeria is being progressively battered and dealth severe ethical blows by persons wielding executive powers of the federation under whose supervision the security forces are classified. Although the Nigerian Police has had

Let’s talk about terrorism perpetuated by America

  By Syed Zafar Mehdi “There are two ways to approach the study of terrorism,” notes Noam Chomsky in ‘Western State Terrorism’. “One may adopt a literal approach or a propagandistic approach, construing the concept of terrorism as a weapon to be exploited in the service of some system of power. It