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Unhappy Birthday: Hong Kong Braces Itself for Repression by China’s Communist Party

Even before the details are widely known, a new national-security law has domestic and international consequences Many Hong Kongers still do not know exactly what the new national-security law China is imposing on the territory contains. In May China announced it would enact a bill for Hong Kong covering crimes such

It’s Too Late for US-Russia-China Arms-Control Fantasies

By Daniel Depetris As U.S. and Russian negotiators open two days of talks in Vienna, they should waste no more time talking about a tripartite agreement. For the first time in over five months, U.S. and Russian officials are meeting this week in Vienna to discuss a possible new nuclear weapons reduction agreement. The

Understanding the Military Build-up on the China–India Border

By Meia Nouwens Fatal clashes on the China–India border have aroused fresh speculation about the extent of a military build-up in the western Himalayas. Henry Boyd and Meia Nouwens assess satellite imagery to explain what has been happening there since early May. Unverified videos began circulating on social media from 5 May,

Buhari at China-Africa Summit Demands Knowledge Sharing on COVID-19

Jude Johnson President Muhammadu Buhari Wednesday in Abuja urged the international community to support collaborations and initiatives aimed at sharing knowledge from research and science to fight the coronavirus pandemic. The President spoke at a virtual Extraordinary China-Africa Summit on Solidarity Against the COVID-19, co-hosted by the Forum for China-Africa Cooperation. Buhari

China To Exempt Some African Countries From Repaying Loans

•Give African countries priorities on possible COVID-19 Vaccine Jude Johnson with Agency China will exempt some African countries from repaying zero-interest rate loans due at the end of 2020, state television reported on Wednesday, quoting President Xi Jingping’s speech at a summit. Under the framework of the China-Africa cooperation forum, China

India Admits 20 Troops Killed as China Buries Casualty Figures in Nuclear Powers’ Military Clash

India says 20 of its troops were killed in Himalayas clash with Chinese army By Aijaz Hussain A clash high in the Himalayas between the world’s two most populated countries claimed the lives of 20 Indian soldiers in a border region that the two nuclear armed neighbors have disputed for decades,

N/Korea’s Military Threatens to Reenter Disarmed Border Areas

North Korea's military said Tuesday it is reviewing plans to reenter border areas disarmed under inter-Korean agreements, days after the North threatened to take military action over the sending of leaflets by activists from South Korea. The General Staff of the Korean People's Army (KPA) also revealed that the North would

China’s Central Bank Unveils Digital Currency, in Challenge to US Dollar

Summary:  As an early adopter of new payment networks, China could set standards for a transformative change in the global financial system. By Rajesh Bansal While the rest of the world is focused on recovering from the coronavirus pandemic, China has made another powerful move in the realm of global finance that

China-US Rivalry in Africa Fuelled by Coronavirus

As Africa braces itself for a surge of coronavirus infections, both China and the US are claiming to be Africa's greatest supporter, but there is more at stake in this escalating rivalry than simply tackling the virus, writes BBC Africa correspondent Andrew Harding. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was adamant

The Truth About Chinese Migrants in Africa and Their Self-segregation

By Yang Hairong Over the past 20 years there’s been remarkable growth in China-Africa links because of increased trade and investment. As a result there’s also been a great deal of movement of people between China and African countries. It’s estimated that there are now about 500,000 Africans in China, while the the