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50 killed in Kenya bus accident

At least fifty people have been killed in a bus accident in western Kenya early on Wednesday, authorities said. Witnesses and police on Wednesday said the bus swerved off the road while driving down a steep slope, and rolled into a ditch at 4 am local time (0100 GMT) in western Kericho county. According to

Lybian forces arrests Top al-Qaeda fighter

An Egyptian former military officer accused of being behind a string of high-profile attacks in Egypt has been apprehended by Libya's eastern forces, a Libyan military spokesperson said. Hesham Ashmawi was arrested on Sunday in Libya's eastern city of Derna - located some 300 kilometres west of the Egyptian border with Libya - Ahmed al-Mesmari,

Cameroon on brink of civil war as English speakers recount horrors

A soldier’s crumpled corpse at a traffic circle. Young men gunned down in their living room while partying. A teenage boy killed by a stray bullet while watching television. Outbursts of gunfire so frequent that children call them “frying popcorn.” The horrors residents recount here at the base of cloud-covered Mount

VOA sacks 15 Hausa Service staff over ‘brown envelopes’

David Jones and Dan Joseph The Voice of America (VOA) announced Thursday it has fired or proposed to terminate more than half the members of its Hausa language service following an investigation that found the individuals had accepted improper payments (regarded as brown envelopes) from a foreign official in West Africa. Amanda

Cyber attacks: Uganda ranked most secure country in Africa

Uganda has been ranked the most secure cyberspace Country in Africa in the recently announced Global National Cyber Security Index. The National Cyber Index is a global organization which measures preparedness of countries to prevent cyber threats and manage cyber incidents. ”Previously 2nd in the 2017 ranking, the elevation to the number 1