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Russia warns France over CAR peace role

Russia warned France on Thursday that it must put aside "parochial national interests" and recognise its peace efforts in the Central African Republic as negotiations continued on a contentious UN Security Council resolution. France has presented a draft resolution that takes aim at recent Russian efforts to broker peace deals in

Irish citizens to receive phone alert on nearby terror attack, natural disaster

Irish citizens will now be sent official alerts to their mobile phones if they are near a terrorist attack or natural disaster, as part of a new European-wide initiative. The European Parliament has voted today to introduce Reverse112 in all members states. The scheme - which is already available in the Netherlands,

The reality of Artificial Intelligence in Nigeria, Africa–Special Report

Editor's note: The Atlantic Council has in this report lamented that  except in a handful of countries—namely Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and Ethiopia—the application of AI is a chi-mera, not a reality.  It noted that the critical factors necessary for the technology to take hold are woefully absent across

UN lifts sanctions on Eritrea after nine years

The United Nations (UN) has lifted its sanctions on Eritrea, nine years after they were imposed. This decision was reached on during a meeting of the UN Security Council which follows a rapprochement between Eritrea and neighbouring Ethiopia in recent months. In 2009, the UN imposed a nationwide arms embargo, travel ban and asset freeze on

Trump May Be Isolated on the World Stage, but So Is Macron the Multilateralist

Judah Grunstein In many ways, Emmanuel Macron is an unconventional French president. Young, independent and a political novice, he entered the Elysee Palace as a disrupter rather than a defender of the status quo. But if there is one thing that puts him in the mainstream of French presidents, it is

Europe’s calculations shift on Trump second term

 Jamie Dettmer  Calculations are shifting in European capitals on whether Donald Trump is likely to serve a second term as U.S. president. The consensus in Europe ahead of last week’s midterm elections was that he would most likely serve only one term in the White House, but the expanded Republican majority in

Russia: Taliban, US officials held ’10 secret’ meetings in Doha

Ayaz Gul Russia said Monday the Taliban has secretly held 10 rounds of talks with the United States, other than the officially announced recent contact between the two sides in Qatar on how to end the war in Afghanistan. There have been only two publicly known meetings U.S. officials have held with

Over 300,000 Congolese refugees forced to leave Angola

The mass eviction is creating an increasingly heavy burden on an already unstable, conflict-weary region. Dorsa Jabbari The United Nations is warning that the mass eviction of Congolese refugees, over 330,000 of them, from Angola may trigger a humanitarian crisis. Last month alone, hundreds of thousands of people who are originally from the