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The Rivalry between US and China Will Hinge on South-East Asia

China’s advantages in the tussle are not as big as they seem During their 45-year feud, America and the Soviet Union fought proxy battles all across the world. But the cold war was at its most intense in Europe, where the Soviets constantly worried about their satellites breaking away, and America always

Russia Condemns US Strikes On Iran-Backed Groups In Syria

Russia on Friday condemned US strikes on Iran-backed militias in eastern Syria, demanding that Washington respect the country’s territorial integrity. “We strongly condemn such actions and call for Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity to be unconditionally respected,” Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters. Russia has been a key ally of President

ISIS, Al-Qaeda’s Affiliates in Nigeria, Sub-Saharan Africa Poised for Growth in 2021–Report

•A rundown on jihadi groups’ expansion in the Sahel and Nigeria, the Horn of Africa, and the continent’s southeastern Swahili coast, according to report by Colin P. Clarke and Jacob Zennor. Once considered a backwater for jihadists, sub-Saharan Africa is now at the forefront of the counterterrorism landscape. With core ISIS

China Has Achieved ‘Human Miracle’ Of Eradicating Extreme Poverty–Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday declared his country had achieved the “human miracle” of eliminating extreme poverty, though questions continue to surround the Communist Party’s criteria for making the claim. In a glitzy ceremony in Beijing, Xi bestowed medals on officials from rural communities, some wearing traditional ethnic-minority attire, and

Nigeria Losing Jobs to China Over Moribund Facilities, DPR Cries Out

The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) has raised concerns over moribund oil and gas facilities across the country. Speaking during a visit to one of such facilities, a fabrication yard located at Ilase Village, Snake Island, Lagos State, Sarki Auwalu, Director of DPR, said the development would limit domestic refining capacity

Putin Warns of Western Attempts to ‘Shackle’ Russia

President Vladimir Putin has warned of attempts by the West to 'shackle' Russia, calling on the Federal Security Services (FSB) to be on guard against Western threats. The Russian president made the remarks on Wednesday during his annual address to the domestic intelligence agency. The European Union and the United States plan

US Strategy Paper on China Draws a Tepid Response in Beijing

By Evelyn Cheng Key Points "The Longer Telegram" released in late January laid out a detailed proposal for how the new U.S. administration should deal with a rising China under its Communist Party government.The anonymous author is a "former senior U.S. government official," according to the D.C.-based think tank Atlantic Council

‘Adversarial, Predatory’ China Biggest Geopolitical Test Ever–US Spy Chief

•Says US must train its spies and intelligence analysts on the rising threat from China By Jeff Seldin The United States must train its spies and intelligence analysts on the rising threat from China, U.S. President Joe Biden's pick to lead the country's premier spy agency told lawmakers Wednesday, calling competition

China Focuses on Africa Energy as Belt and Road Lending Dries Up

•Chinese development banks have been supporting local projects during the coronavirus pandemic •China poured more than $3bn into African energy projects By Thomas Hale and James Kynge Chinese overseas energy finance collapsed to its lowest level since 2008 last year, with its struggling Belt and Road ambitions in the

ICYMI: China Turns its Attentions to the Middle East

•Many leaders see it as more reliable than America By Roger McShane ONCE IT GOT the coronavirus under control at home, China went on a diplomatic offensive. Its aid was gratefully received in the Middle East. Egypt, the Gulf states, Iran and Iraq all received shipments. “China has sent medical supplies