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Are Russia’s Mercenaries a Threat to US Interests?

Editor's note: Shadowy mercenaries offer Moscow deniability on the battlefield and a cheap way to build influence across the globe, reveals in this Q & A by Nathaniel Reynolds. WHAT IS RUSSIA’S WAGNER GROUP? The Wagner Group emerged from the Kremlin’s need for off-the-books fighters in its wars in Ukraine and Syria. In both

Earlier Ebola Outbreaks, and How the World Overcame Them

Editor's note: Hemorrhagic fever inspires almost mythic terror, but whether it can be beaten depends more on people than on medical advances. Donald G. McNeil Jr. The current Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo is only the second-largest in history, but undoubtedly the most frustrating. Scientists are fairly certain they have the medical

Economics of terrorism in Lake Chad Basin

•Islamic State West Africa Province is proving its economic resilience by generating income from obliging local communities. Malik Samuel In the Lake Chad Basin region, which includes Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria, economic viability and control is as important to extremist groups’ resilience as military tactics or ideology. Islamic State West

China hopes to beat America’s armed forces by copying them 

•Xi Jinping wants China’s armed forces to be “world-class” by 2050 •He has done more to achieve this than any of his predecessors •But Xi Jinping’s reforms may stumble over his authoritarianism Over the past decade, the People’s Liberation Army (pla) has been lavished with money and arms. China’s military spending rose by 83%

Why security sector governance matters in fragile states

•Fostering greater trust between security forces and citizens should be a major aim of security assistance. Editor’s Note: Congress charged the U.S. Institute of Peace with convening the Task Force on Extremism in Fragile States. Following the public launch of theTask Force’s final report, four groups of experts came together to discuss how to

Dialogue with Boko Haram: Back on the agenda?

•It’s not a popular choice, but the stalemate between extremists and military forces makes negotiation worth re-considering. Akinola Olojo There is a hurting stalemate in the Lake Chad Basin. Countries under the mandate of the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) are locked in a protracted struggle against two factions of the terror

Postmortem appraisal of Nigeria’s 2019 election security…

•Case for demilitarizing Nigeria civic spaces, diaspora and e-Voting Don Okereke Preamble: Similar to a nation gearing up for war, the Nigerian space, political entropy is usually supercharged during elections and the 2019 general election is no exception. There is hysteria in the air as if the country is going to implode.