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Trends in African Maritime Security

Africa's rapidly evolving maritime security environment has prompted innovations in Africa's maritime security architecture, leading to greater regional security coordination. More than 90 percent of the world’s trade travels by sea. Submarine cables transmit 95 percent of telecommunications data and roughly $10 trillion per day. Cutting one group of such cables

International Terrorism Prosecutions: 2018 Wrap-Up

Emma Broches, Julia Solomon-Strauss In the past few months, prosecutors have tried, juries have convicted, and judges have sentenced  defendants from the height of the Islamic State’s power in 2014–15. Meanwhile, American law enforcement continues to prosecute individuals involved in terrorist-related crimes in the United States, even as new challenges—like prosecuting foreign Islamic

A win for ‘lame duck’ Buhari risky for Nigeria–Eurasia Group (full report)

•Atiku may create brief economic boom but risks a return to rent-seeking govt •Predicts a  close and inconclusive election  •Nigeria in top 10 biggest risks of 2019 Senator Iroegbu  The United States based think-thank,  Eurasia Group has released its top predictions for risks that could impact the world in 2019 with a warning that

Top 10 humanitarian crises and trends to watch in 2019–Report

Editor's note: These 10 crises and trends will help shape IRIN's coverage in 2019. Here’s why they have our attention and should demand yours. 1. Climate displacement: Tomorrow’s emergencies today Stephen Dupont/DFAT From rising sea levels to withering drought and unpredictable weather: projections for what the world can expect if climate change remains unchecked are

Editors’ picks: Why you need to read these 2018 stories–Report

•Why they matter in 2019 Editor's note: These top 10 most popular stories are those you clicked on most in 2018, but the IRIN team also had their own favourites. Over the past 12 months, IRIN reporters spanned out across the globe to examine under-reported crises,long-running conflicts, extremism, sudden disasters, slow-burning emergencies, and the humanitarian consequences of migration. Here are

Nigeria in top 10 conflict-zones to watch in 2019–Report

As US leadership of the international order fades, more countries are seeking to bolster their influence by meddling in foreign conflicts. In this new era of limit testing, Crisis Group’s President Robert Malley lists the Ten Conflicts to Watch in 2019 including Nigeria R In a world with fewer rules, the only

Africa in 2018: Innovation, freer movement, integration, connectivity–Quartz

Yinka Adegoke As ever, covering Africa with our self-proclaimed bias towards stories of innovation and new ideas was fascinating in 2018. The challenge for our team is often deciding which stories will have the most impact for readers even when the issues aren’t necessarily about innovation. This year we took some time

The big foreign policy stories of 2018 – What Brookings experts had to say

Anna Newby 2018 was a dramatic year in world affairs. From Iran to North Korea to Russia to Saudi Arabia and beyond (outer space too), U.S. power and values have been repeatedly tested—with mixed results. Below is a recap of the major stories of the year, and the scholarship that Brookings experts