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Op-ed: Evil thrives when good people remain silent

By Prince Chinedu Obi (Ohamadike) One of the greatest weaknesses of man is his reluctance to take responsibility for his action or inaction. Experience has shown that Africa and Nigeria in particular has over the years witnessed poor governance rating and has consequently, remained largely undeveloped due to the unwillingness of

Op-ed: Not in IBB’s character

By Sufuyan Ojeifo   The Igala of Kogi state in north central Nigeria have a proverb that succinctly explicates an exception to what is generally seen or thought to be the conventional.  While the young people may decide to do all manner of acrobatic displays in the open field or in the farm,

Op-ed: Segun Adebutu’s Audacity in Nigeria’s Troubled Streams

By Sufuyan Ojeifo and Ariyo Dare-Atoye   Unlocking developing countries’ potentialities for business and investment growth would always certainly depend on learning from past mistakes and creating the right policy frameworks to drive expansion and sustainability. Political players in Africa have a lot to learn about making the people’s interest the centre-piece of

8 Attributes of an Effective Intel Officer

By James Powell   Back in November 2014, SOFREP writer Frumentarius wrote an excellent piece titled Top 5 Qualifications for CIA’s Clandestine Service, which outlined the checklist of resume items for aspiring spies. The list included background prerequisites such as military experience, language, experience abroad, higher education, and life experience. In this article,