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Questions Arise On China’s Plans As N. Korea War Talk Rises

Securing North Korea’s missile launchers and nuclear, chemical and biological weapons sites would likely be a chief priority for China in the event of a major crisis involving its communist neighbor, analysts say, although Beijing so far is keeping mum on any plans. Despite China’s official silence, its People’s Liberation Army

What Will China Do if the U.S. Attacks North Korea?

During a speech at the United Nations General Assembly on 19 September 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump warned that if North Korea threatened the United States or its allies, he would “totally destroy” the nation. As tensions continue to rise between Washington and Pyongyang, is Beijing growing more or less likely to

Imagine World War III Between America and China

How the United States loses the next war This piece has been adapted and expanded from Alfred McCoy’s new book, In the Shadows of the American Century: The Rise and Decline of U.S. Global Power. For the past 50 years, American leaders have been supremely confident that they could suffer military setbacks

North Korea Warns Of Harsh Response If New Sanctions Imposed

North Korea says it will make the United States pay a heavy price if a proposal Washington is backing to impose the toughest sanctions ever on Pyongyang is approved by the U.N. Security Council this week. The North’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement early Monday saying it is watching the United States’ moves

Making Sense Of The South China Sea Dispute

The intensifying proxy war being waged in the South China Sea can be boiled down to one number: five. That’s how many trillions of dollars of global trade flow annually through waters deep with oil, natural gas, hydrocarbon and fish stocks. Whoever controls these shipping lanes rules this “Asian Century.” Toss national