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Ex-CIA officer was arrested on suspicion of aiding China

By Josh Horwitz The US government has arrested a former spy who may have significantly derailed the CIA’s operations in China in the early part of this decade. The capture highlights quiet tensions that the US and China have maintained over intelligence operations, as the two countries work to keep up

Burning tanker off Chinese coast ‘in danger of exploding’

There are fears of an environmental disaster in the East China Sea as a tanker continues leaking oil two days after colliding with a cargo ship. Chinese officials have told state media the Sanchi is in danger of exploding and sinking. Rescuers trying to reach the burning tanker were beaten back by

Does China Really Pose A Threat To US National Security?

China is an authoritarian one-party state that denies its own people the kinds of basic freedoms that Americans and other Westerners take for granted. It is a regional bully that provokes its neighbors and ignores the rulings of international tribunals. China routinely breaks the rules of international diplomatic courtesy and military good sense. This

China, ASEAN to begin talks on S. China Sea code of conduc

  By Nike Ching Foreign policy analysts remain skeptical about the agreement between China and Southeast Asian nations to officially start negotiations on a legally binding code of conduct to resolve disputes in the South China Sea. Leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Beijing announced their intention to

Xi and Trump look friendly, but anti-US feeling stirs in China

CHINA’S leader, Xi Jinping, welcomed Donald Trump on the American president’s first visit to Beijing like a Chinese emperor receiving a barbarian potentate, with a mixture of flattery and disdain. The government closed to the public the 9,000-room Forbidden City—the vermilion-walled former imperial palace at the heart of Beijing—so the