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Egypt unites Palestinian groups Hamas, Fatah

The Palestinian group Hamas says it has reached an agreement with rival group Fatah, ending a decade-long rift. Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, said details of the deal would be released later on Thursday. Fatah has not commented. According to BBC, Egypt has been brokering reconciliation talks in Cairo. Palestinians in Gaza

Egypt to host war games with US after 8-year hiatus

Egypt will host war games with U.S. troops this month for the first time in eight years, but the American contingent will be much smaller than in previous exercises, officials said Tuesday. Army Spokesman Col. Tamer el-Rifai said the 10-day military exercises, known as "Bright Star," would begin Sept. 10 and

Israel’s Tiny Navy Packs a Huge Punch Including

Israel’s navy is the smallest branch of the Israel Defense Forces. However, the need to protect Israel’s recently-established gas rigs in the Mediterranean against missile and terrorist attacks presents the Israeli navy with a profound challenge. In addition, the Israeli submarine fleet is of tremendous strategic importance—particularly regarding a possible Iranian

France, Egypt begin Cléopatre 2017 joint naval exercise

France and Egypt on Monday began joint military exercises in Egyptian waters as part of a “strengthening of cooperation” between the two countries’ military force, according to a statement. The "Cleopatra 2017" manoeuvres follow last year's "Ramses 2016" exercises and are to last several days. French and Egyptian Mistral warships, several frigates

In Egypt, pope brings a message of peace amid crackdown

By Nicole Winfield and Hamza Hendawi CAIRO — Pope Francis demanded that Egypt’s Muslim leaders teach a rejection of violence in God’s name during a delicate visit Friday to the Arab world’s most populous country, and he strongly backed its uncompromising crackdown on political Islam and militancy. Brushing off security concerns

Is Hamas re-branding to orient towards Egypt? Beverley Milton-Edwards Nearly 30 years after Hamas was founded in the occupied Palestinian territories, it is now revisiting its founding ideals and principles. The move comes at a watershed moment as the senior leadership also undergoes a significant reshuffle, a process that has been long in debate and fruition. The changes—aimed

Churches in southern Egypt will not celebrate Easter

By Menna Zaki CAIRO — Egyptian churches, in the southern city of Minya, said on Tuesday that they will not hold Easter celebrations in mourning for 45 Coptic Christians killed this week in twin bombings of churches in two cities during Palm Sunday ceremonies. The Minya Coptic Orthodox Diocese said that celebrations