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Burkina Faso: Communities buckle as conflict ripples through the Sahel-2

•‘All I have left now are tears to cry’ Philip Kleinfeld Part 2 of a two-part series from Burkina Faso's Centre-North regionAbout this seriesAs many note the defeat of so-called Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq, militant violence is spreading like wildfire in lesser-known Burkina Faso, uprooting lives, killing hundreds,

Cameroon’s Anglophone War: Inside the separatist conflict-2

•From WhatsApp to amulets – how war is waged Emmanuel Freudenthal A fighter is rolling around on the ground, screaming, and muddying his bright-red basketball jersey. His colleagues take turns hitting him with a stick. This punishment, 50 lashes, was ordered by *Omega, the field commander of this Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) camp.

Boko Haram: Nigerian military to oversee reconstruction of Northeast-Cameroon road

Mukaila Ola The federal government has commenced rehabilitation of the road linking the Northeast of the country to neighbouring Cameroon. The road, Maiduguri-Dikwa road, according to the Acting Director-General of National Boundary Commission (NBC), Adamu Adaji would be rehabilitated under the watch of the military to prevent attack from Boko Haram, which has made

Cameroon’s Anglophone War: A rifle as the only way out

•The line separating fighters from refugees is very thin; their journeys are nearly the same Emmanuel Freudenthal “I killed three of them,” says Abang. “I use this [gun] to kill them like animals, as they are killing me, killed all my brothers.” Before the army destroyed his village and killed his three brothers,

Jihadists violence triggers ‘unprecedented’ crisis in Burkina Faso

'The country has never had to deal with such massive displacement’ Philip Kleinfeld Attacks by Islamist militants, military operations, and waves of inter-communal violence have left hundreds dead and tens of thousands displaced since January in the West African nation of Burkina Faso, triggering an “unprecedented” humanitarian crisis that has caught many

Breaking: Sudan’s al-Bashir, associates transferred to prison –Sources

Jude Johnson The ousted Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir is being transferred to Kobar prison in the capital Khartoum. Sources told Al Arabiya that al-Bashir is being kept seperate from other regime members who have also been imprisoned by the ruling Military Council. A son of Sudan’s main opposition leader Sadiq al-Mahdi

Sudan wont be removed from terror list while military rules-US official

Lesley Wroughton The United States will not remove Sudan from the state sponsor of terrorism list until the country’s leadership and policies change and the military no longer holds power, a U.S. official said on Tuesday. “We will be willing to look at removing Sudan from the list of state sponsors of

Sudan: AU gives coup leaders 15-day ultimatum to handover to civilians

In Summary The AU echoed the protesters' demands, calling the military intervention a "coup d'Etat, which (the PSC) strongly condemns."The body, which has 55 member states, added that "a military-led transition would be completely contrary to the aspirations of the people of Sudan." The African Union (AU) on Monday threatened to suspend

How Women are leading a revolution in DRC mining town

Godsgift Onyedinefu Kamituga is a small mining town in the Democratic Republic of Congo located in an area with vast mineral resources estimated to be worth $24 trillion in untapped deposits. Despite its rich deposit, Kamituga has one of the lowest levels of GDP per capita in the world. In this town, artisanal

African Union endorses ‘Buhari Unity Band’, sues for peace

Jude Johnson The African Union (AU) has endorsed the Buhari Unity Band, a not-for-profit initiative that articulates President Muhammadu Buhari’s commitment to peace and unity in fighting corruption and bringing all aggrieved ethnic, religious and political groups together for national progress. In a letter presented to the Convener, Abayomi Oyekoya, in