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Will China Move Africa Up from the End of Coronavirus Vaccine Queue?

In previous pandemics African countries have had to wait for vaccinations and analysts fear it could happen againMany are banking on Covax, while Beijing has also said it will make its vaccines available as a ‘public good’ By Jevans Nyabiage African countries are expected to be last in the queue for Covid-19

Chinese Soldiers write Goodbye Letters to Spouses amid War Fears

*PLA soldiers asked what they would write if war broke out the next day-TVBS China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) asked soldiers in the province of Fujian, opposite Taiwan, to write a goodbye letter to their spouses, giving rise to mutterings that war is near, cable station TVBS reported Friday (Aug. 21). According to

Will China Create Another African Debt Crisis?

By Malancha Chakraborty After over a decade of unprecedented growth of Chinese finance, Africans are increasingly concerned over rising debt levels. This is the 106th article in the series The China Chronicles. Read the articles here. Before the ‘Africa Rising’ narrative gained currency, Africa’s debt crisis was one of the main subjects of development economics. In the 1980s, most African countries were in

China in ‘Global Contest’ With US for Power, Influence–Report

By Richard Finney China under the leadership of President Xi Jinping is increasing its efforts to replace the United States as a major world power, strengthening its military for greater force projection and seeking ways to present its one-party, authoritarian style of government as an alternative to Western models of

Counter-Terrorism: China Provides Military Aid to Nigeria

Godsgift Onyedinefu The peoples Republic of China has supported Nigeria through the provision of military aid and have also deepened bilateral realations to boost the fight against terrorism. Voth countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at a brief ceremony held at the Ministry of Defence Headquarters Abuja. The Minister of Defence,

Nigeria’s Traditional Textiles Threatened by Chinese Imports  

By Ifiok Ettang Nigeria has been producing traditional, handmade, beautiful fabric designs for centuries. But preservers of the ancient art say modern manufacturing and cheap Chinese imports threaten this way of life. Kano’s Kofar Mata dye pit is one of the last surviving hand-coloring textile makers in Nigeria.      Over the years, the

Chinese Luban Workshop Facility Launched in Nigeria

China has launched a Luban workshop facility in central Nigeria, with an aim of providing high-end technical skills training to help college students meet the requirements of the market. The facility, hosted by the University of Abuja, will offer course majors including urban rail transit traffic Management and telecommunications. China on

How popular is China in Africa? New survey sheds light on what ordinary people think

By  Folashade Soule, University of Oxford, and Edem E. Selormey, Centre for Democratic Development Ghana It’s been 20 years since the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation was first held. Another summit is planned for September 2021 in Dakar, Senegal. Meanwhile, Chinese and African officials are reviewing and reflecting on their two-decade relationship. China’s growing engagement with Africa has

Like in Africa, Chinese Are Buying Up America

Editors Note: There is growing concern in Africa of gradual but sustained encroachment of China into the socio-political and economic structures of the continent. In Nigeria, there was also apprehension over the controversial clause inserted into the Chinese loan that allegedly threatens the soeveringty of the country. It however, seems