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What China Wants and Why

By Tomas Pueyo Why is China increasing its assertiveness towards Taiwan? Why the Belt and Road initiative? Why the oppression of Uighurs? Why the occupation of Tibet? Why the creation of islands in the South China Sea? It all comes from the Hu Line. The Hu Line. Source: Tomaatje12 The Hu Line 94% of China’s population

China Stumbles on the Long March to Close the Technology Gap

•Unforeseen challenges mean success cannot be taken for granted By Nina Xiang Chinese president Xi Jinping has been worried about China's reliance on foreign technology for a while, repeatedly airing his concerns ever since he became president. Perhaps most memorably, Xi said in 2016 that the Chinese internet sector's reliance on foreign core

TikTok Wins over Africa’s Youth

With its format based on short videos featuring music, art and dance, TikTok is enjoying rapid growth in Africa. What are the prospects for the Chinese social media platform in Africa? By Will McCain Relaxing after a training session at The Gambia’s Independence Stadium in September, a group of young athletes watched

The Moment of Truth over Taiwan is Getting Closer

The US and China are engaged in a dangerous game of military poker over the future of the island By Gideon Rachman Would America go to war over Taiwan? That question has seemed fairly abstract for decades. Now it is increasingly urgent. The Chinese air force sent around 150 jets into Taiwan’s air-defence identification zone in the

Over 3,600 Boko Haram fighters surrender since August-MNJTF commander

The commander of multinational troops fighting Boko Haram has said at least 3,600 of the militants have surrendered since August. Nigeria-born Major General Abdul Khalifa Ibrahim spoke Sunday at the end of a visit to Cameroon. General Ibrahim, commander of the four-nation Multinational Joint Task Force Commission, or MNJTF, says the

20 years after, Nigeria yet to submit report to UN cttee against torture

Maureen Okpe Twenty years  since Nigeria became a member nation to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment,the country  is yet to submit any report for evaluation, Isidore Djeuga, human right advisor of the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) has revealed. All state parties including Nigeria

Five Things US Policymakers Must Understand About China-Africa Relations

By Jordan Link  OVERVIEWThe United States must focus on developing a positive vision for the future of its role in Africa rather than relying solely on criticizing China’s engagement on the continent.PRESS CONTACT Introduction and summary The eighth convening of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), likely to be held late this year, marks

Do the US and China Have a ‘Taiwan Agreement’?

US President Joe Biden’s claim of a “Taiwan agreement” sparks confusion as Beijing ramps up military pressure on Taiwan. By Erin Hale Do the United States and China have an agreement on Taiwan’s political status? The question was raised on Tuesday when US President Joe Biden told reporters that he and his Chinese counterpart,

Facebook, WhatsApp,Instagram crash worldwide

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp went offline for users across the globe, the social media giant said on Monday, as it worked on restoring its services. Other products that are part of the same family of apps, such as Facebook Workplace, also stopped working. The online services all share an infrastructure and are

Rising food prices could ignite unrest and instability in Africa

Governments must act fast to ensure their people are fed and avoid conflict the continent cannot afford. By Ronak Gopaldas and Menzi Ndhlovu Since the onset of COVID-19, global food prices have rocketed, putting pressure on the world’s most fragile countries. The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) believes that ‘soaring prices –