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Scientist uses statistics to predict when World War 3 will begin

It has been 70 years since the last world war, and for decades some believed that we’d entered an era of peace, and such bloodshed wouldn’t be repeated. But is that actually true? Computer scientist Aaron Clauset of the University of Colorado has used statistics to analyse 95 wars in the period

IISS Cyber Report: Questionable deterrence in cyberspace

US indicts Russian nationals for meddling in election; disagreements over efforts to regulate online content; Twitter cracks down on malicious bots.   On 16 February, the United States Department of Justice indicted three Russian organisations and 13 Russian citizens for conspiracy to ‘defraud the United States…for the purpose of interfering with the US political and

Cyber warfare skills critical for future military, homeland security- Lawmakers 

 Several members of the House Committee on Homeland Security on Monday urged for greater focus on cyber warfare skills in assessing future, urgent national security needs. Several lawmakers agreed skills for cyber warfare, such as developing artificial intelligence, will be key for the military and other domains charged with protecting the homeland in

Chinese Surveillance State: ‘Creepy’ Technological Reality

By Christopher Prawdzik Larry Diamond, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, recently painted a chilling picture of China’s surveillance state, detailing an evolving “social credit system” that rewards those loyal to the state and could punish those who aren’t. In an interview on The John Batchelor ShowFeb. 7, Diamond detailed how the Chinese state is taking

Hate Speech: Niger State Lobbies Young Social Media Influencers

By Gidado Shuaib   In an effort to tackle hate speech and fake news on the Social Media, the Niger state government has engaged young social media influencers on desirability of promoting peaceful coexistence and harmonious relationship among diverse groups and citizens in the state.   The Senior Special Assistant to Governor of Niger

State Dept. Reverses Course, Plans to Launch Cyber and Digital Economy Bureau

By Joseph Marks Secretary of State Rex Tillerson earlier shuttered a cyber-coordinator’s office with similar duties. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson plans to launch a new cyberspace and digital economy bureau, seemingly reversing course under congressional pressure after he shuttered the department’s cyber coordinator’s office in August. Tillerson announced plans for the new bureau in