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For Africa, Chinese-built internet is better than no internet at all

The need for web access has driven African countries to Huawei despite U.S. concerns. Amy Mackinnon The Chinese telecommunications company Huawei has made huge inroads in Africa in recent years even as the United States urges its allies around the world to avoid working with the firm over cybersecurity concerns. Huawei has built about 70 percent of

EFCC arrests six suspected internet fraudsters

Operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission,EFCC, have arrested six suspected internet fraudsters in separate raids carried out in Abuja. Acting Head Media and Publicity of the Commission, Tony Orilade listed the suspects as Chemezie Ezeife, Onwochei John, Onwochei Joel, Marvin Nwankwo, Prince Ojenike, and Jude Olatekobowale. He said they were

Cyber Report: German hacker, ransomware, North Korea and cyber security

German hacker targeted government officials and public figuresA 20-year-old German student has been detained for hacking the social media accounts of hundreds of German politicians, journalists and celebrities. Apparently acting alone, the hacker used relatively rudimentary techniques to access his targets’ Facebook and Twitter accounts. He then leaked personal details of their

The most amazing artificial intelligence milestones so far

Bernard Marr Since the dawn of computing in the early 20thcentury, scientists and engineers have understood that the eventual aim is to build machines capable of thinking and learning in the way that the human brain – the most sophisticated decision-making system in the known universe – does. Today’s cutting-edge deep learning using artificial neural

China-US tech war will make or break a world safe for interdependence–Report

Nathan Gardels One of the deeper insights to emerge from the Berggruen Institute’s 21st Century Council gathering in Beijing in December was offered by Pascal Lamy, the former head of the World Trade Organization. When trade relations with China involve information technology, Lamy observed, there is a cultural clash that goes beyond

Blackberry, others move into the cyber security game

Sean Kanuck The US may finally be recognising cyber security for the strategic challenge that it represents.  Last week, the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC) voted to send its ‘cybersecurity moonshot’ report to the White House. The panel’s recommendations outline a proposed ten-year effort to prioritise cyber security for US national security, commercial industry

Boko Haram Attacks: Nigerian Army threatens to invoke Cybercrimes Act over fake videos

Senator Iroegbu  The Nigerian Army has threatened to invoke the Cybercrimes (Prohibition & Prevention etc) Act, 2015, against peddlers of fake news and videos.   Army in a Facebook statement on Saturday, warned that video in circulation fake and deliberately deployed to cause fear and unrest in the country. The statement read: "The NA has

The reality of Artificial Intelligence in Nigeria, Africa–Special Report

Editor's note: The Atlantic Council has in this report lamented that  except in a handful of countries—namely Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and Ethiopia—the application of AI is a chi-mera, not a reality.  It noted that the critical factors necessary for the technology to take hold are woefully absent across

US, other ‘big five’ cyberwar nations opts out of inter’l cybersecurity agreement

•United States — along with Russia, China, Iran and Israel--the big five of cyberwar countries refuse to answer "Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace" Louise Matsakis During speech at the annual UNESCO Internet Governance Forum in Paris Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the “Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace,” a

Why Nigerians, others fall for fake news – BBC Research

Kunle Sanni   The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on Monday suggested reasons why Nigerians usually fall prey to fake news which is gaining grounds in African media circles. It said due to the fact that they are concerned about ”not falling behind on the news” and being informed, they easily believe fake news. This