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Ghost ships of Lagos, a haven of crime

In Summary Shipwrecks are used as bunkers for stolen imported oil that is then sold on in Benin and TogoWeak regulation, expensive removal have turned Lagos coastline into a marine cemeteryThe wrecks attract water sports but are also an environmental hazard The two men in the motorised wooden canoe look around warily

Combating corruption through community

Maria Faciolince Growing is often its own trap. For social initiatives, increased visibility brings the temptation of growth for different reasons, including perceived impact and success. Expanding initiatives often attract attention, raise public expectations, demand larger teams and increased resources. In these scenarios, it appears counterintuitive to try to work closely

Rwandan Genocide: Disecting Nigerian govt’s crocodile tears…bloody match to Kigali

Emeka Umeagbalasi, Obianuju Igboeli, Chinwe Umeche, Ndidiamaka Bernard and Chidimma Evan Udegbunam Nigeria is likely the next target of the second coming genocide on African Continent unless the country reverses itself through its present central political leaders from another ‘bloody match to Kigali’. Intersociety holds that the circumstances or factors that led to the Rwandan Genocide of

Rwanda: What humanitarians need to remember 25 years on

•“ ‘We must do better’ commitments and initiatives have not helped much” Ben Parker Rwanda, 25 years Part 2 of a four-part series examining how Rwandans and the humanitarian community have moved on since the genocide that killed nearly one million people a quarter century ago.R The 1994 Rwandan genocide led to soul-searching among

Nigeria is cornering the market in extreme poverty–Bloomberg

•Only growth can defuse Nigeria’s poverty time bomb •In his first term, President Muhammadu Buhari left too much undone. In his second, he needs to be bold Editorial Board One of humanity’s most hopeful developments in recent decades has been the dramatic drop in extreme poverty. In 2000, some 1.4 billion people

China and Developing Countries: Managing Chinese Investments

Daud Khan Fifty years ago China was a poor country with little influence in the international sphere and without even a seat at the United Nations. Since then rapid economic growth in China has made it an economic powerhouse that increasingly plays a leading role on the world stage as a

ISIS’s West African offshoot is following al Qaeda’s rules for success

•The amorphous Boko Haram splinter group is taking inspiration where it can get it and bringing disaster to the Lake Chad Basin in the process. Philip Obaji Jr. In the last five months, the insurgent group has gained a grim kind of momentum, establishing itself in new towns in northeastern Nigeria and

Niger: Counting the dead, waiting for justice-2

•‘Caught between jihadists and armed militias’ Part 2 of a three-part series from Tillabéri, Tahoua, and Niamey About this seriesAs rising militancy spreads across Africa’s Sahel region, Niger, one of the world’s poorest countries, now finds itself at the centre of the storm. From October to December 2018, freelance journalist Giacomo Zandonini