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Armed with Huawei Technology and Soft Loans, China Dominates Africa’s Surveillance Services

*As the spread of surveillance technology in Africa stirs security concerns The spread of surveillance technology in Africa without adequate checks and balances is reshaping the governance landscape while potentially enabling another tool of repression. By Bulelani Jili In 2019, Kampala police procured $126 million worth of closed circuit television camera (CCTV) surveillance technology from

Will China Create Another African Debt Crisis?

By Malancha Chakraborty After over a decade of unprecedented growth of Chinese finance, Africans are increasingly concerned over rising debt levels. This is the 106th article in the series The China Chronicles. Read the articles here. Before the ‘Africa Rising’ narrative gained currency, Africa’s debt crisis was one of the main subjects of development economics. In the 1980s, most African countries were in

Counter-terrorism in Africa must adapt to new realities

As the terror threat grows and spreads, could a special unit in the African Standby Force help?By Shewit WoldemichaelAfrica experienced 1 168 terrorist attacks from January to August 2020 – 18% more than the 982 incidents in the same period in 2019. Years after numerous counter-terrorism operations were deployed, including the African

Mali Gives China a Reality Check

Instability in Mali shows that development, security and government need to work together for peace to occur. By Peter Fabricius China’s role in Africa’s security has been evolving, from its tentative first steps in non-combatant peace operations in 1998 to combat-ready peacekeepers in 2012 and the formalisation of defence cooperation through the

Why Nigeria should keep leveraging relationship with China

Yunana Elijah, a Diplomatic and International Consultant is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Myyesman. In this interview with ENE OSHABA, he discusses China/Africa relationship, and how partnership is benefitting Nigeria economy. Tell us more about Myyesman Myyesman Limited is a company registered under the laws of Nigeria and having it's businesses