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Is Africa ready for weapons that call their own shots?

On a continent where conflict is rife, states should think twice about lethal autonomous weapons. By Gugu Dube     Robotic weapons that once activated can select and attack targets without any further human intervention are being developed by the United States, China, Russia, the United Kingdom, South Korea and Israel. Often listed as part

A risky return for ex-combatants into communities

Continued human rights abuses and a lack of transparency are hindering the successful reintegration of defectors.     Enabling violent extremists to defect from their terror groups to rejoin society is a vital strategy in preventing violent extremism in Africa. But amnesty and rehabilitation programmes for this purpose often fail because security forces

Africa’s Spy Chiefs declare social media a security threat, exploited by subversive elements

•Vows to measures to checkmate usage while guaranteeing citizens rights •May not achieve agenda 2063, Silence the Guns in Africa by 2020 Senator Iroegbu The Committee of Intelligence and Security Services of Africa (CISSA) has declared some activities in the social media as a national, regional and continental security threat. This was

Is China Recolonizing Africa?

Abel Kiyondo Sino-African relations have existed since ancient times, but were first formalized in 1956 when Egypt established diplomatic relations with China. This move paved the way for China to strike up relations with the rest of Africa. Over the subsequent half century, China has emerged as Africa’s largest trading partner

Don’t expect debt relief, US warns Africa

The United States (U.S.) top Africa diplomat, Tibor Nagy, warned in Pretoria, South Africa on Monday that African countries running up debt they cannot pay back, including China, should not expect to be bailed out by western-sponsored debt relief. The International Monetary Fund and World Bank began the Heavily Indebted Poor

UN pulls staff from Sudan amid growing global concern

•African Union to hold emergency meeting as death toll continues to rise following military crackdown on protesters. The United Nations will pull staff out of Sudan as the African Union (AU) holds an emergency meeting after the violent dispersal of a protest camp in the capital killed dozens of people. The UN plans to relocate some personnel because

Empowering Africa’s Powerful Women

Although women have played a crucial part in ending conflicts and energizing protests in Africa and elsewhere, they are often marginalized in the subsequent peacebuilding and political processes. A special international fund to nurture female political leadership would help give women a bigger say in their countries' futures, writes Zainab

Japan expands military presence in Africa

Japan is increasing its footprint in the Horn of Africa even as it draws down its anti-piracy force Joseph Hammond    Pirates or no pirates, Japan remains committed to an international security operation off the Horn of Africa which is increasingly a cornerstone of its wider Africa policy. Last month Somali pirates successfully captured a Yemeni