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Over 300,000 Congolese refugees forced to leave Angola

The mass eviction is creating an increasingly heavy burden on an already unstable, conflict-weary region. Dorsa Jabbari The United Nations is warning that the mass eviction of Congolese refugees, over 330,000 of them, from Angola may trigger a humanitarian crisis. Last month alone, hundreds of thousands of people who are originally from the

Angola sinks deeper in debt as China takes charge

Angola’s is failing to control its foreign and domestic debt which is estimated at nearly $80 billion despite being the second largest oil producing country in Africa and the continent’s third strongest economy. The debt is very high considering that the country has a resources that has been a major contributor

Nigeria denies Cameroon separatists’ claim that leaders were arrested

Cameroonian anglophone separatists have claimed that their leaders were abducted in Abuja by what they believe to be Nigeria’s intelligence agency. Nigerian officials have denied the allegations. "At around 7:30 p.m., the gunmen came into the hotel and abducted all of them, including the president," said Chris Anu, secretary of communications for

Luanda overtakes Hong Kong as most expensive city in the world

•African, Asian and European cities among top rated ...Babatunde Opalana  Mercer, a global consulting leader in health, wealth and careers has rated Luanda, the capital of Angola as most expensive locations for working abroad. In Mercer’s 23rd annual Cost of Living Survey, Luanda, in Africa overtakes Hong Kong as the most expensive city for