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The Drums of War in Taiwan and Ukraine

In their rhetoric as well as in their military investment, training, and deployment decisions, China and Russia have both clearly signaled their aggressive strategic intentions. The task now is to ensure that their misguided militarism does not upend longstanding security arrangements in East Asia and Europe. By Carl Bildt The vastness

America Is Turning Asia Into a Powder Keg

•The Perils of a Military-First Approach By Van Jackson Asia is trending in a dangerous direction. Across the continent, advanced missile technology is proliferating among U.S. friends and rivals alike. Nuclear powers are undertaking expansive nuclear modernization efforts. Democratization is stalling and, in some cases, rolling back. And the economic influence of the

US vs China: The New Cold War

•America, China, and the Echoes of History By Hal Brands and John Lewis Gaddis Is the world entering a new cold war? Our answer is yes and no. Yes if we mean a protracted international rivalry, for cold wars in this sense are as old as history itself. Some became hot, some didn’t:

How Turkey’s Approach to Africa Differs from the West and China

By Merve Ayse KizilaslaERVE Ankara offers a new opportunity to diversify and establish more humane, balanced, reasonable, and far from risky engagements to African countries Since 2002, Turkey’s engagement with Africa has been one of the country's main pillars under its humanitarian and multi-dimensional foreign policy, focusing on enhancing ties on trade,

The last US-owned Social Media Platform in China is Closing Down

By Lila MacLellan It’s the end of an era for American-owned social media sites in China—and for the former hope that such platforms would one day lead to open dialogue there. In 2009, China blocked access to Twitter and Facebook. Google left a year later after recognizing threats to its future there, not to mention attempts to censor

China Stumbles on the Long March to Close the Technology Gap

•Unforeseen challenges mean success cannot be taken for granted By Nina Xiang Chinese president Xi Jinping has been worried about China's reliance on foreign technology for a while, repeatedly airing his concerns ever since he became president. Perhaps most memorably, Xi said in 2016 that the Chinese internet sector's reliance on foreign core

The Moment of Truth over Taiwan is Getting Closer

The US and China are engaged in a dangerous game of military poker over the future of the island By Gideon Rachman Would America go to war over Taiwan? That question has seemed fairly abstract for decades. Now it is increasingly urgent. The Chinese air force sent around 150 jets into Taiwan’s air-defence identification zone in the

Five Things US Policymakers Must Understand About China-Africa Relations

By Jordan Link  OVERVIEWThe United States must focus on developing a positive vision for the future of its role in Africa rather than relying solely on criticizing China’s engagement on the continent.PRESS CONTACT Introduction and summary The eighth convening of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), likely to be held late this year, marks

Do the US and China Have a ‘Taiwan Agreement’?

US President Joe Biden’s claim of a “Taiwan agreement” sparks confusion as Beijing ramps up military pressure on Taiwan. By Erin Hale Do the United States and China have an agreement on Taiwan’s political status? The question was raised on Tuesday when US President Joe Biden told reporters that he and his Chinese counterpart,