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What the data say about China and the global economy

•Short-term improvements don’t warrant long-term optimism. Mohamed A. El-Erian The slowing of the Chinese economy, along with growing evidence of European growth under pressure, cast a big cloud of uncertainty over the global economy coming into 2019. Data released last week provided further support for the notion of short-term stabilization in China,

A new scramble for Africa?

Duncan Green Not a single one of my LSE students reads the Economist. That may be down to the selection bias of people wanting to take my course on activism, but I think they’re missing out. If, like me, you’re liberal on social issues, sceptical on economic laissez faire, and just plain confused

War or peace? Understanding the grey zone

John Raine Much has been made of hybrid or 'grey zone' conflict between states in recent years. However, as John Raine argues, the ever widening list of actions viewed as belligerent only increases the likelihood of escalation. The long and costly clean up after the attempted assassination of Sergei Skripal and the