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Nigeria at risk of humanitarian disaster in 2019 — Report

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) reports that Nigeria is among the top ten  countries most at risk of being hit by humanitarian catastrophe in 2009. Nigeria is at the seventh spot While  Yemen, the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan tops 10 list. Other at-risk countries identified IRC's emergency response experts are Afghanistan, Venezuela. the Central African Republic, Syria, Nigeria, Ethiopia and So alia. Al-Jazeera reports

Violence-ridden Central African Republic on road to famine — UN

Endemic violence in Central African Republic (CAR) is pushing the country towards famine with 63 percent of the population already needing emergency aid, the U.N. humanitarian coordinator in the country said on Wednesday. CAR has been in chaos since 2013, when mainly Muslim Seleka rebels ousted the president, provoking a backlash

The hidden opportunity of the Lake Chad Basin crisis

BY OMAR S MAHMOOD   Civilians have been caught between unresponsive governments and the violence of Boko Haram. This must change.   While the Boko Haram-sparked humanitarian crisis raging in the Lake Chad Basin has largely been overlooked outside of the region, recent high-level efforts have sought to change that. On 24 February, a conference organised