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Understanding Fulani Perspectives on the Sahel Crisis

By Modibo Ghaly Cissé The disproportionate representation of Fulani in militant Islamist groups in the Sahel has led to the stigmatization of the entire Fulani community. Reversing this will require renewed outreach and trust-building between Fulani leaders, government authorities, and neighboring communities. Fulani shepherds celebrating le retour du yaaral de Diafarabé in central

Metamorphosis of RUGA: From Osinbajo’s proposal to Miyyeti Allah’s narrative

Editor's note: The following chronological narration by Ose Anenih in her tweet response to Oby Ezekwesili, explained how and when the plan by Federal Government to bring sustainable solution to the deadly Farmers-Herders conflict metamorphosed into the controversial Fulani herdsmen settlement scheme popularly acknowledged and known as RUGA. Happy to Ma. 1. The

Jihadists have recruited heavily from Fulani pastoralists across West Africa —Report

•The crisis may engulf coastal West Africa —Burkina Faso’s Foreign Minister •10 million people in Lake Chad area need urgent help —UN There are fears that the current security problems wracking the country could become worsened soon with reports that jihadists across the West African region are recruiting heavily from aggrieved

Invasion of the bandits…be prepared!

Olawale Olaleye If you have not read the story of a certain woman and her family, who visited Nigeria recently and were taken hostage by a group of alleged Fulani bandits for six days and only regained freedom after parting with N8 million, please, go and read it. It is

Jihadists: ‘It’s no longer just the Sahel, it’s coastal West Africa’

•The civilian fallout from the Sahel’s spreading militancy Editor's Note: This article is part of the The New Humanitarian special report and in-depth coverage of the-sahel-in-flames. A surge in violence across West Africa’s Sahel has displaced hundreds of thousands of people and left thousands dead since January, as Islamist militants with links to